Top-notch bourbons

I’m not a fan of bourbons to be honest but the ones I tasted in the past were cheap and reduced. A really good friend told me this « Two World » small batch is worth a try, so I grabbed two samples of well known top-notch bourbons I had on the back of my shelves. Let’s try those now!

William Larue Weller 12 yo 2006-2018 (62.85, OB, Antique Collection, 17179 bottles)

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Not really expressive, even a bit flat to be honest. Oak, honey, vanilla, peppermint and toffee.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not good. The mouthfeel is creamy and pleasant. A lot of oak and wood with solvants, vanilla, caramel and oranges.
Finish: Mid-long. Caramel, vanilla, orange zests, wood smoke and a lot of oak of course.

This one is quite disappointing, it’s totally unbalanced. The whole profile is dominated by a lot of oaky and woody notes covering nearly everything else and the nose is pretty flat.

Score: 85

George T. Stagg Barrel Proof 15 yo 2003-2018 (62.45, OB, Antique Collection, New, Charred American Oak, 37111 bottles)

Colour: Amber.
Nose: Ahh, it’s really flat too! Hints of vanilla, honey and dried apricots.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is a bit better than the William Larue but the alcohol is still way too present. Oily texture. Caramel, white peppers, oak, leather, dusty books, cloves, candied orange peels, vanilla and hints of wood.
Finish: Mid-long. Cloves, pepper, solvants and wood.

This bourbon is pretty good. I liked the good balance of the mouth. Too bad the nose was so inexpressive and the alcohol integration still lacking a bit.

Score: 88

Two Worlds « La Victoire » – batch 1 (54.7, Straigh bourbon whiskey, 11 barrels : 14yo core with some 5 & 4yo barrels)

Colour: Deeps gold with amber hues.
Nose: Ah, an expressive nose, good! Caramel, vanilla, bread, dried figs, oak, cinnamon and hints of floral notes on the background. Nice one, given the two first dram I wasn’t expecting that.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. Creamy mouthfeel. Toffee, caramel, dried apricot, orange-flower water, spices, cinnamon, cloves and fresh oranges. It’s quite evolutive too, really nice.
Finish: Long. Caramel, oak, cinnamon, cloves, orange peels and hints of mint adding some freshness.

It’s powerful, perfectly balanced and the alcohol integration is impressive. I really enjoyed that one, it lacks a bit of complexity to go higher in rating but I honestly wasn’t expecting so much from a bourbon. Good job!

Score: 89

I though bourbons were most of the time unbalanced and dominated by sweetness, two things I really dislike. I have to admit those ones are way better than any other bourbons I tasted. I’m really impressed by the perfect balance and alcohol integration of this small batch of « Two Worlds », I really enjoyed that little beast!

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