Rum Artesanal German Rum Festival

Here we go again! I couldn’t miss out the tasting of this trio, especially released for the Berlin Rum Festival. Eh, that’s not an easy task to pass after this wonderful trio, right?

Rum Artesanal TDL 2002-2021 (63.4%, cask #133)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: The alcohol integration could’ve been better. This is more fresh and less dirty than the majority of the TDL I tasted. Bananas, mangoes, acidulous candies, toffee, raspberries, blackcurrant, wet wood, eucalyptus, leather, tobacco and papayas. A quite atypical nose I enjoy a lot aside from the alcohol integration.
Mouth: The texture is very thick and the integration is nice. Brown sugar, black fruits, blackcurrant, blueberries, candied fruits, ginger, chilies, fruit paste, leather, oil, white pepper, wood, tannins, peaches and dried apricots.
Finish: Long enough. Eucalyptus candies, cedar tree, vanilla, apricots, mint, blueberries, leather and ashes.

An atypical TDL that surprised me with a very pleasant profile. Too bad for the nose integration, it could’ve been a stunner of the style, but it’s still very good.

Score: 87

Rum Artesanal Clarendon 1995-2021 (67.2, cask #217)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Powerful Jamaican soul but the alcohol integration is pretty good. Green bananas, mangoes, vinegar, lemons, mint freshness, leather, blackcurrant, quinces, nutmeg, vanilla, grapefruits and some wood. Even with a long aeration time this nose doesn’t seem to fully disclose itself.
Mouth: Alcohol integration is still that good but that’s warm with some astringence. Black fruits, leather, blackcurrant, forest berries, blueberries, wood, cocoa, vegetal notes, quinces, burnt caramel, chilies, mocha, tobacco and some fuel. Powerful and sweet mouth, a true yin & yang balance.
Finish: Long. Canon powder, vanilla cream, bitter almonds, marzipan, red fruits, tobacco and espresso.

A nice balanced and complete Clarendon, I only miss this little extra thing but I really enjoyed the glass.

Score: 88

Rum Artesanal Enmore (Versailles) 1994-2021 (53.1%, cask #218)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: More herbal than I expected. Pines, eucalyptus candies, liquorice, citruses, milk chocolate, caramel, wood, cocoa, maple syrup, herbal notes and milk coffee. Fresh nose with a great balance.
Mouth: Nice thick texture, that’s sweet in alcohol and concentrated in aromas. Burnt caramel, liquorice stick, cocoa, dark chocolate, plums, sultanas, muscovado sugar, chilies, ginger, burnt wood, leather, toasted bread and pine wood. Less herbal than the nose but also more bitter.
Finish: Quite long and refined. Burnt wood, peppermint, vanilla, bitter cocoa, maple syrup and some floral notes.

This one has a slightly too bitterish mouth and even if it has the same DNA it won’t dethrone the first of the name which is a reference to me. Otherwise, a great REV!

Score: 88

Those are far from making me forget the last trio but they are all three great bottlings released at fair price for the German market, after tasting them I think this is what Rum Artesanal aimed at. All 2021 RA bottlings are now reviewed, next episode should be for 2022. Cheers!

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Rum Artesanal TDL 2002-2021
Rum Artesanal Clarendon 1995-2021
Rum Artesanal Enmore (Versailles) 1994-2021

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