Some more old Malternatives!

Here are the two last releases from a the Malternative Belgium independent bottler, let’s try those and hope it’s as good as the other ones selected in the past!

Jean Fillioux 1965-2021 « #9 Avec allure: Lot 65 » (47%, Malternative Belgium, Grande Champagne, 112 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper with golden hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all! It’s very fruity with mandarins, peaches, canned pineapples, orangettes, dark chocolate and some delicate noble wood presence on the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. Here the noble wood is more present but in a very balanced way with the fruity side. Tangerines, orangettes, black tea, acacia honey, liquorice, white pepper and some pinewood freshness in the background!
Finish: Long. Noble wood, wet wood, pinewood and citruses freshness and some hints of black tea. It’s kind of dry and astringent while remaining balanced and powerful!

A wonderful Grande Champagne full of power and balance. I particularly like the finesse who characterize the wood here, I could totally drink this as a daily dram!

Score: 90

Francois Voyer 1971-2021 « #10 La fête: Lot 71 » (43.3%, Malternative Belgium, Grande Champagne, 42 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper with golden hues.
Nose: Wow, this is another style for sure, more elegant and delicate. It’s full of fruitiness, floral notes and waxiness. No alcohol presence. Tropical fruits, bananas, pineapples, orange juice, mint, black tea, acacia honey and hints of noble wood in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. No much wood in there, just some notes perfectly matching this elegant profile! Floral notes, verbena, acacia honey, black tea, banana, acidic pineapples and passion fruits with some little touch of spicy wood, what a balance and complexity in this glass!
Finish: Long. Still complex and with the wood on the background. A lot of fruits as in the mouth with also forest fruits, canned pineapples and cranberries. The noble wood notes seems to increases a bit at the end of the finish but it’s quickly counterbalanced by a gentle pinewood freshness. What a nice mix!

This Grande Champagne is so impressive, so complex, integrated and elegant at the same time. Every notes are playing like a musical rhythm, evolving through time flawlessly. That’s probably the most elegant, complex, and balanced cognac I tasted as of now.

Score: 92

Another duo of gems, quite hard to get hands on but if you do, you gonna have some good times! My preference goes to the Francois Voyer bottling which was truly so elegant and complex that I was stunned! Keep up with the good work, wonderful selection in there.

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