Equinow & Solstice duo!

Here we are with two Decadent Drinks bottlings from their “Equinox & Solstice” serie! Let’s what’s inside this bottle featuring beautiful labels!

Candlekitty 10yo 2010-2021 “Equinox & Solstice Summer Edition” (48.5%, Decadent Drinks, Three First Fill Bourbon Barrels, 973 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: A lot of waxy and herbal notes with some mineral touches too. Chalk, fresh clay, freshly cut granny smith apples, hints of pears, lemons and more waxy notes!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is great and the texture is oily. Here we have a lot of lemon, lime juice and candle wax paired with some delicate herbal, mineral and dusty notes. There are also some cereals and pastry notes adding some roundness to this profile.
Finish: Quite long. There are still a lot of minerals, chalk, wax and pastry notes with also some hints of coasting and salty notes.

Most of the times those young Clynelish dram offers a wonderful profile and also a very average alcohol integration. I have to admit that with this dram the alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily too and the dilution stays under the radar. A perfect daily dram Clynelish for sure. Well.. If you have already catched one!

Score: 90

Caol Ila 13yo 2007-2021 “Equinox & Solstice Winter Edition” (48.5%, Decadent Drinks, 2 Refill Hogshead)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Caol Ila, yes it is! Tarry ropes, sea salt, brine, iodine, lemons, seaweed, sweet citruses notes and a delicate wood smoke wrapping all of this.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. That’s full of maritime notes with a lot of pronounced wood smoke all over it now. The smoke was balanced on the nose but here it’s clearly the dominant flavour with also a very aerial and coastal peat, some citruses sweetness, lemon zest, sea salt, iodine, brine, seaweed, cold ashes, licorice and some tar on the background.
Finish: Long and smoky with some delicate wet wood notes, cold ashes, white pepper, green olives, brine and still some aerial coastal peat!

Another very good daily dram for the peat addicts. This one is still full of balance and small interesting details which I particularly liked!

Score: 89

I have to say that I am impressed by the quality of the reduction, which were nearly unnoticeable with those oily and powerful drams full of balance and integration. Ladies and gentlemen these are some perfect daily drams, well done!

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