The Whisky Jury Long Pond 2005 & Monymusk 1995

That’s the second wave of rum from the Belgian bottler The Whisky Jury, another time under the Jamaican flag. Their first rum made some noise in the rum community because it was the first Hampden release from the 1997 vintage, and it was a success as you can read right here. Let’s taste the newcomers!

The Whisky Jury Long Pond 2005-2021 (62.1%, 290 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: We have no mark indication but I’m getting used to it, that’s something close to STCE. It starts with exotic fruits such as mangoes, pineapples, papayas and passion fruits. Then we have wood, grapefruits, bitter oranges, polish, black olives, brine, peppermint freshness, leather and some vinegar drops. It’s well balanced with a nice alcohol integration, interesting…
PS: Ruben, if you think this one is at very high ester levels you should give a try to the Velier TECA/TECC bottlings, that’s another dimension for sure!
Mouth: Very nice oily texture with sweet and sour feeling first, turning then to something more salty. The alcohol integration is very nice as well. Overripe papayas, roasted pineapples, blackcurrants, quinces, persimmons, grapefruits, wood, tannins, tobacco, black olives, sea water, salt flower and some camphor. That mouth is truly surprising for a Long Pond, was this cask aged in our dear north sea Joeri? This fruity/salty mouth is quite uncommon and I enjoy it.
Finish: Long and salty. Sweet and sour comeback, vanilla cream, peppermint, grapefruit jam, wood, sea water and marzipan.

As you could read if you follow us, I’m not a huge fan of modern Long Pond releases, this one was not a common Long Pond at all, and that’s a good surprise for me!

Score: 87

The Whisky Jury Monymusk 1995-2021 (61.3%, 270 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The nose seems more familiar to me, it directly smells like the few tropical aged Monymusk I tried. One more time the alcohol integration is exemplary. It’s very fruity such as mangoes, pineapples, grapes, bananas, grapefruits, blueberries and quinces. Then we have pine wood, camphor, eucalyptus candies freshness and some leather. Very well balanced nose with a lot of delicacy.
Mouth: Are you sure I actually drink 61.3%? That was my first impression but it becomes stronger and warmer after few seconds without any alcohol interference. It has a very nice creamy texture and aromatic strength without being an ester bomb, I understand that The Whisky Jury aims for the most balanced rums. We have mangoes, roasted pineapples, bananas, papayas, bitter oranges, quinces, passion fruits, petrol, leather, black grapes, blueberries, brine and peppermint.
Finish: Long but still classy. Burnt caramel, peppermint freshness, vanilla pod, red berries, violet flowers and blackcurrant.

A very classy Monymusk oldie, I clearly add it to the few Monymusks I actually like. Good job!

Score: 89

Don’t forget our notes doesn’t regard the release price, otherwise those would have scored even more because the Long Pond 2005 was released at less than 100€ and the Monymusk at less than 200€, that’s actually cheap for that quality of rum in my opinion.
I’m looking forward to see what will be their next rums! Thanks Joeri for the samples, cheers!

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