The Whisky Jury Mden 1997

My personal thought when I read the label is of course Hampden. But what did you say, Hampden 1997? If you’re addict as I am, you should know there is actually no 1997 vintage release at all! It was so hard to believe that I had to find out a sample to know what is exactly in these bottles.

The Whisky Jury Mden 1997-2020 (55.6%, 241 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Hmm esters! I can already say this is not a low ester profile. Bananas, lemons, white peaches, pineapples, glue, orange peels, fuel, black olives, acetone, smoked beef and vinegar. It also have a kind of freshness with freshly cut grass.
Mouth: Intense as the nose was but with more maturity and self-control. Esters, ripe bananas, pineapples, lemons, blood oranges, smoke, tannins, wood, wood glue, fuel, chillies, olive cake and fish oil. It’s slightly acidulous, astringent, and there’s a hot and spicy side which disbalance a bit the mouthfeel.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Thick smoke as usual with Hampden, burnt wood, vanilla sugar, pepper and grapefruits.

I’m pretty sure the ester level take place between <>H and C<>H. Anyway, good job for this first rum selection!

Score: 88

All these Hampden’s vintage/marks hasn’t finished to surprise us. Good job The Whisky Jury for this first great rum bottling, I hope we’ll discover more rum selections from you in the future.

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