Some blends for holidays! (Part 1)

It’s winter and holiday time, so it’s time to find old blends to enjoy with friends and family and it seems that I found some pretty good ones!

Blended Malt 18yo 2001-2019 (46.6%, Whiskybase, Sherry Butt, cask #980, 629 bottles)

Colour: Light brown with slight auburn hues.
Nose: Creamy, leather, waxy notes, bitter cocoa, toffee and cinnamon.
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated and the texture is very creamy. It’s quite round but still balanced with the bitterness of the cocoa. Nutmeg, leather, bitter cocoa, wood, some nice waxy notes and candied oranges wrapped in dark chocolate.
Finish: Mid-long. Spices, cinnamon, leather and dusty books and still some « orangettes » notes. Very nice!

This one was fairly cheap. Whiskybase released it for the « 140.000 bottles added on their website » benchmark and it’s honestly a very enjoyable sherry and one of the best value for money I found from recent releases.

Score: 89

Blended Scotch Whisky 38yo 1980-2019 (44.9%, Thompson Brothers, Sherry Cask, 490 bottles)

Colour: Mahogany with some parse light gold hues.
Nose: This sherry is dryer. Varnished wood, dusty book, leather, plums, orange peels, bitter chocolate and some shy waxy notes on the background.
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated and the texture is very oily. Cooked apples with cinnamon and anise star, leather, dark chocolate, bitter cocoa and finally some pinewood at the end of the mouth adding some delicate but highly appreciated freshness!
Finish: Long. Woody dryness, still some cooked apples with cinnamon and anise star. A bit austere but quite complex and still very nice!

Well it’s obviously more complex than the last one but it’s also way older and cost way more. It’s a very good old school sherry with some nice complexity and I love that!

Score: 90

Those two bottles are just perfect for this period of the year in my opinion. Both are easy to drink, high quality and affordable bottles that I enjoy to share with friend and family. The first is more straightforward and easy to understand while the last one has more layers of complexity and needs more time to appreciate.
I hope to everyone that the next year will be better than this original one to say the least!

Unfortunately those ones are obviously sold out.

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