Old Brothers MLC 2001

Do you know the exact signification of MLC? Monymusk Light Continental, eh that’s quite contradictory with those 18 years under the tropics, right? But we’ve the same sh*t with some Hampden such as Habitation Velier C<>H for example. Anyway we’re not here to talk about letters, we’re only interested in what’s inside the bottle! High esters from Clarendon distillery, aged 18 years in ex-bourbon barrel under the Jamaican sun & 1,5 years in Europe. The rum was initially at higher ABV and have been reduced to 61.3%.

Old Brothers MLC 2001-2021 (61.3%, 396 bottles, ex-bourbon)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Esters with tropical ageing influence, it’s undeniable. That’s fruity and acidulous with mangoes, papayas, lemons, grapefruits, wet wood, glue, blueberries, vanilla, oranges, honey, mineral notes and blackcurrant. Powerful nose that lack a bit of balance but it has the Jamaican soul indeed.
Mouth: Nice thick texture with some slight astringent notes at first sip, the alcohol integration is pretty nice. Wet wood, tannins, chilies, mangoes, fresh paint, glue, peppermint, quinces, camphor, leather, black tea, blackcurrant, brown sugar, raspberries and black grapes. The reduction isn’t noticeable at all and the mouth is more balanced than the nose.
Finish: Long, warm and slightly bitterish. Glue, vanilla, eucalyptus candies, camphor and black fruits.

Another great tropical aged Clarendon with some dirtyness, if you use to enjoy this kind of profile you should really try this one. I mainly regret that it hasn’t the same lively flame, the magic, as his brother from the Hampden distillery, it doesn’t really add value to the actual tropical aged Clarendon releases.

Score: 86

So my final sentence about the white bottles from Old Brothers is the following :
1. Hampden <>H 2001
2. New Grove x Joey Starr
3. MLC 2001
But honestly, the three are worth a try, you just need to find your favorite. Good job to the brothers for those selections!
Thanks Alex for the sample, cheers.

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Old Brothers MLC 2001-2021

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