Another very old Armagnac!

What a chance to taste another of those old armagnacs selected by the Wu Dram Clan! The last time it happens I was not disappointed to say the least, so I have high expectation for this one too!

Château de Gaube 1962-2020 (48.6%, OB for Wu Dram Clan, Ténarèze, lot #6220, 144 bottles) 

Colour: Deep Amber with lighter hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all! Expresso, dark chocolate, plums jams, roasted chestnut, raisins, caramelized walnuts pie and some hints of Canadian smoked meat!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good and the texture is very thick. Everything in this profile is well integrated, you can definitely feels that what you’re drinking is old. Coffee, dark chocolate, waxy notes, walnuts, chestnuts, plums and apricots jam, fresh grapes , tannins and noble wood. The end of the mouth is a mix of roundness and dryness with hints of astringent notes. After two or three sips I even found some hints of Caroni notes in the background of the end of the mouth! A very nice mouth indeed!
Finish: Long. Dry and woody with some more tannins too. The rest of the profile is similar to this already beautiful mouth!

A truly outstanding old cognacs with a lot of sweetness, alcohol integration and complexity. I also have to say that those hints of Caroni notes in the background are really nice! Good selection as always!

Score: 90

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