Rhum Club Paris Belize 2007

Club bottlings are still worth a try, they are bottled by rum lovers for rum lovers, often at very fair price because the main goal is sharing. That’s the case for this one, today I’ll talk about the first bottling of the Rhum Club Paris, a Belize single cask bottled at cask strength.
That’s the first but not the last, I heard that in the future they want to bottle quite unconventional stuff, sounds interesting! I used the Rum Artesanal Belize 2007 as a benchmark. Very nice label by the way.

Rhum Club Paris Belize 2007-2020 (66%, 250 bottles)

Colour: Copper with gold hues.
Nose: What a fresh nose! The alcohol integration is good but could have been better, you can clearly feel the temperature rise. Travellers signed, we have the typical Bounty nose with dark chocolate and coconuts. Then we have overcooked caramel, butter, violet candies, polished wood, cocoa beans, floral notes, almonds, few drop of lemon juice, bitter oranges, persimmons, bananas, eucalyptus freshness and nutmeg. The nose is well balanced, less monolithic than I expected to be honest.
Mouth: Pleasant thick texture, that’s warm but the alcohol integration is pretty good. Usually I’m not wow-ed by Belize rums because they’re all close to each other (rather like Foursquare) but this time we have that little different thing that makes it great. Watermelon candies, dark bitter chocolate, roasted coconuts, burnt caramel, wood, mangoes, raspberries, white pepper, tobacco, hazelnuts, cocoa beans and some roasted notes. The high ABV works well here, it gave him a well defined personality.
Finish: Long enough, warm and slightly drying. Vanilla, coffee beans, burnt caramel, wood, dark chocolate, and some red berries.

Honestly that’s a great surprise for me, one of the best Travellers I’ve tasted so far. Good job to the Rhum Club Paris team for this selection!

Score: 88

The 250 bottles were sold for 70 euros, honestly at that price you can send me the invoice right now. Some little flaws are present but it has that little something we are waiting for. I’m now curious about the next ones. Thanks Benjamin for the sample, cheers!

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