One last fish!

What about a little young Laphroaig at Cask Strength to end the week?! Here’s the last fish of the set, let’s try it and see if it’s on par with all the gems we already found underwater these past weeks!

Williamson 7yo 2013-2020 (60.5%, Archives, Hogshead, cask #200, 332 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Cold ashes, tar, coastal and pretty aerial peat, medicinal notes, lemon zest, wood smoke and hints of smoked meat.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is nearly perfect and the the texture is quite oily. Bandages, medicinal notes, cold ashes, wood smoke, campfire on the beach, tar, lemon zest, coastal and tary peat and even some more hints of smoked meat. A very powerful and sharp mouth full of balance!
Finish: Medium. In perfect harmony with the nose and the mouth.

It’s really a wonderful clean and sharp Laphroaig profile with nearly no cask interference. That distillate driven dram is just crazy. It obviously lacks a bit more complexity but it’s a perfect daily dram!

Score: 88

Still some bottles avalaible if you’re looking closely!

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