Bellevue ’98 trio

That’s the first review of some Bellevue rums but you’ll see more in the future of course. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook to not miss our new articles!

Rum Artesanal Bellevue 1998-2017 (55.5% , cask #29, 301 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The alcohol integration could have been a bit better. Eucalyptus, menthol, maple syrup, pine wood, caramel, pears, apples, cinnamon, polish, almonds and cherries. That’s slightly atypical but not bad at all!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is better in mouth. Ricola herbal sweets, maple syrup, peppermint, white pepper, quinces, blackcurrants, wood, raspberries, mineral notes, vanilla, tree sap and honey. It becomes too bitter in my opinion.
Finish: Long enough. Blackcurrants, raspberries, burnt caramel, wood, mint and honey.

That’s maybe the first time I’m a bit disappointed with a Rum Artesanal bottling but you should have noticed that this one wears their old label so we won’t be rude, right?

Score: 84

Kill Devil Bellevue 1998-2017 (59.7%, 254 bottles)

Colour: A bit darker than the first one, dark copper.
Nose: I prefer this nose, at least this is my first impression. Caramel, dried fruits, marzipan, mocha, black grapes, sultanas, plums, grapefruits and peppermint. It lacks a bit of complexity but it remains pleasant.
Mouth: More oily and warm with brown sugar, burnt caramel, dark chocolate, bitter wood, oranges, grapefruits, tannins, chilies, nuts, almonds and coffee. It becomes way too bitter this time, too bad!
Finish: Long and very vanilla-flavoured. Maple syrup, burnt caramel, toasted bread, eucalyptus, wood and some berries.

The bitterness almost kill the whole experience…

Score: 83

Excellence Rhum Bellevue 1998-2018 (59.9%, 251 bottles)

Colour: Coffee.
Nose: Creamy coffee, vanilla, burnt caramel, plums, black grapes, sultanas, cherries, brown sugar, fresh cane, butter, herbal notes, cake and chocolate ganache, that’s a very pleasant nose!
Mouth: Nice oily texture with a certain amount of power in a sweet climate. Fresh cane, caramelized apples, ginger, caramel, burnt wood, mineral notes, fresh cream, mocha, cocoa powder, hazelnuts, almonds, chestnuts and some citrus notes.
Finish: Long, bitter and iodized. Caramel cream, brine, burnt wood, vanilla, grapes, figs and roasted notes.

Well balanced from the beginning to the end, this time the bitterness isn’t too present. Good job!

Score: 89

Excellence rhum bottling was my favorite of the day mainly because that’s the less bitter of the trio. However Bellevue/Damoiseau is an interesting distillery…
Thanks Alex for the samples. Cheers!

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