Another crazy Tormore

The first whisky review on this website was another Tormore 1995 from « Le Gus’t » and today I’ll try his brother, a sherried one!

Tormore 24 yo 1995-2019 (55.8%, Le Gus’t, butt, cask #20046, 71 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: The alcohol is barely present. Exotic fruits jam, fresh yellow fruit basket, butter, pastry notes, noble wood and some minty freshness. A very nice overall balance.
Mouth: Wow this one is clearly more powerful, the flavours are just very intense! The alcohol is very well integrated. Some delicious freshly cut ripe pineapples, sweet spices, pepper, bitter chocolate, subtle hints of oak, papayas in the background but the pineapples comes back at the end of the mouth!
Finish: Long. Pineapples, gentle smoke and noble wood. It’s perfectly integrated.

This dram is very nice and complex and if you let it some times in the glass it becomes even more fruity! It’s clearly a different beast than the other Tormore. This one is brutal and very fruity while the first one was more gentle and similar to old integrated whisky. Two different styles and two definite stunner!

Score: 91

This impressive Tormore has nothing to be ashamed of compared to the other one, I clearly loved them both. Hats off to the Le Gus’t team for this selection!

2 réflexions au sujet de « Another crazy Tormore »

  1. Merci beaucoup pour ce retour! Nous avions particulièrement aimé ces malt de chez Tormore. Ce n’est pas la distillerie la plus prestigieuse mais ces casks sortent vraiment du lot à notre gout.


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