Samaroli 2020

What really interests us here is how are these new Samaroli bottlings, do they take up the torch of the historic rum selections done by Silvano?

Samaroli Brazil 2011-2020 (50%, cask #71, 258 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Apple pie, pastries, grapes, vanilla, cinnamon, hay, pepper, sultanas, vanilla sugar and tyres. This nose really make me think about a great pie, quite surprising because I don’t use to like the Epris rums, let’s see how is the mouth.
Mouth: More powerful and less sweet than the nose. Apple, a lot of spices, burnt wood, tire rubber and fresh cane. The bitterness is too present and unpleasant, it also lacks of complexity.
Finish: Long and bitterish. Burnt wood, vanilla and some floral notes.

This one is very bitter and spicy, it misses some balance and complexity.

Score: 80

Samaroli Trinidad 1999-2020 (45%, 315 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: I’m pretty sure you asked yourself if it was a Caroni, for sure it’s not. Pears dominate the nose, apples, vanilla, nutmeg, wood, soil and some metallic notes. It’s sweet and nearly flat.
Mouth: Not as sweet as the nose. Apples, spices, nutmeg, some very present metallic notes, honey, metal scrap, wood, tannins and vanilla. It’s slightly bitterish, eh, did you notice something special?
Finish: Mid-long. Sugar, honey, then it becomes more bitter with burnt wood and some menthol freshness.

When I sipped it for the first time I directly understood that it was not even a Trinidad, I have a great Port Mourant in my glass right now… I bought a sample so I won’t score this one, but there’s something mysterious.

Score: No score

Samaroli Demerara 2007-2020 (45%, 341 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Apples, pears, honey, metal, steel, bitter oranges, massive wood, cocoa, rum baba, herbal notes, straw and solvents. There’s some similarities with the mysterious Trinidad 1999 sample.
Mouth: It’s starting very sweet and honeyed. Straw, wood, metal and yellow fruits. Then it becomes more bitter with burnt wood. I find it « too young », it lack of complexity and precision even if it’s not a bad rum.
Finish: Mid-long. Very vanilla-flavoured, roasted notes, wood and dried fruits.

Something close to a Port Mourant as well, but too young.

Score: 83

Samaroli Demerara 2003-2020 (50%, 488 bottles)

Colour: As you can read on the label, Demerara dark rum. Nah I’m kidding, this is light gold coloured. There was a mistake between the bottling announcement and the release, on the 2003 Demerara bottles the « Dark » word disappeared.
Nose: White pepper, spices, wood, fresh soil, polish, apples, apples, fuel, steel and there is also some farm peat notes in the background
Mouth: Soil and peat again, followed by yellow fruits, unripe apples, wood, tannins, tire rubber, honey and brown sugar. I really think of a Peated whisky finish (I agree with you Gérard) but for the first time it doesn’t bother me because it remains subtle.
Finish: Quite long, bitter and drying. Vanilla, peat, fresh soil, smoke, fresh apple juice and violet flowers. That’s in the finish that I can feel the most the peated whisky influence, 1 min after I finished my glass the mouthfeel remind me of the Lagavulin 12 we were drinking with Seb.

Well balanced, it’s the first time a peated whisky finish doesn’t make me want to empty my glass into the sink (kidding).

Score: 86

Samaroli Jamaica 2006-2020 (50%, 271 bottles)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: That’s fruity. Oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, orange peels, black olives, vanilla, baked apple, cider, wood, caramel, almonds and marzipan. There’s also a quite present candy side.
Mouth: Nice oily texture. Baked apples, spices, cinnamon, tannins, oak wood, cider, tangerines, grapefruits and white pepper. It’s well balanced between acidity and bitterness.
Finish: Long and drying. Very vanilla-flavoured, peppermint, eucalyptus, custard cream and blackcurrants. It’s a very fresh finish that close well the experience.

I think this one is a Worthy Park and it surprised me a bit compared to the others, good job!

Score: 88

I’m a bit disappointed of the tasting conclusion. If I have to summarize, we have good alcohol integrations but they are (for the most) common, decent or good but nothing more. That’s not what we were used to with Samaroli’s old selections in my opinion.
Thanks Jonathan for the samples, cheers!

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