Some budget daily drams

What if we taste some cheaper drams today? Let’s try to find some cheap & good daily drams!

Mc Warrior – 2018 Edition (43.5%, House of McCallum, PX Sherry Cask Finish) 

Colour: Light gold with some shy copper hues.
Nose: I have to admit that it’s very nice. It’s quite round and balanced, obviously on some typial light sherry notes.
Fruit cakes, raisins, leather. Everything is very well integrated and generous.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good. It’s kind of « old school », round but balanced, waxy and lightly sherried. Candied oranges, cake, pastry, chocolate, honey, raisins and hints of leather.
Finish: Medium. Red berries, nutmeg and candied oranges.

A fair daily dram for a really honest price. This is a very nice typical sherried speyside profile.
Score: 87

Mc Peat – 2018 Edition (43.5%, House of McCallum) 

Colour: Light straw.
Nose: Coastal peat all over the place with hints of coffee, lemons, sea salt and brine.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good too. Peat and lemons notes mostly. It’s round and thick, evolving slowly through coastal peat and hints of brine. The sea salt is still present but it’s clearly overwhelmed by the other flavours.
Finish: Mid-short. Still peat and lemons all over.

This is obviously very monolythic and the finish is a bit too short but it’s very enjoyable and easily quaffable.
If I had to guess, I would have said it’s from Caol Ila, but who knows?!

Score: 86

Candid – 2019 Edition (49.0%, Michel Couvreur, Sherry Casks

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Leather, swamp notes, tobacco, mushrooms, bitter chocolate, candied orange peels and caramelized roasted almonds. It’s round but not sweet with some good balance betweel everything. Very elegant nose!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not very good and the texture is a bit liquid. The almonds are still present but they are overcooked. There are also some meaty notes and leather in the background.
Finish: Almonds, delicate smoke and candied orange peels. Very good finish indeed.

This one is a bit higher in price. (Aproximatively 80 euros)
I think that it’s quite good but the average alcohol integration and burnt almonds mouth profile kills it a bit in my opinion.

Score: 86

I have to say that I am impressed by those House of McCallum bottlings, I wasn’t expecting so much and in fact it’s very well done and very enjoyable as some simple monolithic daily drams with a fairly honest pricetag!

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