Dark Diamonds

Let’s drink some coffee, yeah you could confuse this one with your morning coffee for sure, what a colour!

Valinch&Mallet Diamond Savalle 2001-2020 (52.5%, cask #20-1801-R, 221 bottles)

Colour: Coffee.
Nose: The alcohol integration could have been better. Coffee, mocha, burnt wood, almonds, caramelized pecan nuts, dark chocolate, nuts, orange peels, salted butter caramel, brown sugar and some iodized notes. Am I describing a dessert here?!
Mouth: Pleasant thick texture. It’s woody as expected and the alcohol is a bit too present as it is for the nose. Burnt caramel, tannins, milk coffee, liquorice, dried fruits, some Diamond typical metallic notes, butter and cocoa beans. The kind of aromas I usually like but it could have been more complex.
Finish: Long and bitterish. Burnt wood, bitter cocoa, dried fruits and coffee again.

This one should be very pleasant after a nice meal!

Score: 85

Wild Parrot Diamond 2001-2019 (57.3%, cask #WP01573)

Colour: Light coffee.
Nose: More fresh and aerial than the first one, less woody as well. Candle wax, milk chocolate, mocha, nutmeg, nuts, cocoa, hazelnut oil, wet grass and brown sugar. It start well.
Mouth: That vintage notes I use to like! Candle wax, waxed wood, it makes me think about an old furniture. Dark bitter chocolate, burnt caramel, brine, expresso, brown sugar, nuts, orange peels, baked apples and some warm spices.
Finish: Mid-long and slightly drying. Bitter cocoa and wood, I’m a bit disappointed that things have turned out so fast…

Unfortunately the finish wasn’t at the same level as the rest but it remains a very good Diamond.

Score: 88

L’Esprit Diamond 2005-2016 (71.4%, cask #BB114, 166 bottles)

Colour: Coffee.
Nose: The alcohol integration is very good for this crazy ABV! Regarding an anecdote with my father, he first thought it was a diluted rum around 45-50%. It’s woody, herbal and spicy, with a nice balance. Cappuccino, butter, burnt caramel, liquorice, cocoa beans and toasted bread.
Mouth: So thick texture that it linger on the palate. It’s warm, bitter and punchy but as the nose the alcohol is well integrated. Burnt wood, salted butter caramel, nutmeg, milk coffee, melted chocolate and dried fruits. It has the same DNA as the two first but with his strenght that makes it unique.
Finish: Not surprisingly long and warm. Wood, nutmeg and brown sugar.

A very atypical Diamond because of its ABV, I enjoyed it!

Score: 87

As you could read it, there are some similarities between those Dark Diamonds, if you are looking for a « dessert-rum » you should look for a bottle of this trio!

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Valinch&Mallet Diamond Savalle 2001-2020
Wild Parrot Diamond 2001-2019
L’Esprit Diamond 2005-2016

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