Some HLCF Hampden’s

We don’t have the mark information on the labels but with the informations we actually get they must be at the HLCF ester level (500-700 range). Let’s meet those strange birds!

Silver Seal Hampden 1992-2016 (50%, HLCF)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: The caramelized pineapples dominates the nose with some citruses presence. Candied lemons, oranges, grapefruits, mangoes, bananas, green olives, vanilla, glue, with some gasoil and leather notes, a quite usual Hampden nose until I noticed that iodized side that remembers the smell of our North see in Belgium with brine and grilled fish.
Mouth: Powerful at start. Fresh pineapple juice, overripe bananas, chilies, white pepper, black olives, burnt wood, toasted bread, tar and smoke. It’s slightly bitterish and I find one more time those iodized notes with sea water that are very present and covers the exotic fruits.
Finish: Mid-long and slightly drying. Vanilla, charcoal, ashes, burnt wood and flower of salt.

A very atypical Hampden in my opinion, I didn’t like it that much. Try it before you buy!

Score: 84

Wild Parrot Hampden 1998-2017 (64.5%, cask #WP98645, HLCF)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: I can clearly feel the 14.5 more percent ABV but the alcohol is well integrated. Pineapples, peaches, litchis, bananas, lemons, black and green olives mix, polish, wood glue, leather, vanilla and nutmeg. Sounds interesting…
Mouth: Powerful at first sip, it’s warm and spicy. Exotic fruits, pineapples juice, ripe bananas, mangoes, ember, grapefruits bitterness and fuel. The mouth is evolutive, it becomes wiser then. Tannins, vanilla, tobacco, glue and roasted notes. It’s quite powerful but it could be more refined.
Finish: Long. Dark smoke, charcoal, burnt wood, candied fruits, nuts, bitter cocoa and some floral notes.

I enjoyed this one way more than the Silver Seal but as I heard a lot of good reviews about this Wild Parrot I had quite high expectations. My opinion is that it was probably amazing in 2017 but today lot of Hampden’s surpass it, anyway it’s a great one!

Score: 89

I’m verry happy that I could taste those two, and make my own opinion about it, as they are very rare to find.
Thanks Alex one more time! Cheers.

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Silver Seal Hampden 1992-2016
Wild Parrot Hampden 1998-2017

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