The « Graal » of the blends

This one is considered by Compass Box as the « culmination of almost two decades of whiskymaking ». It’s a blend of Caol Ila 1984 (49.1%) and a Clynelish 1994 (50.9%) so things should go pretty well.

Tobias & The Angles 2019 (47.6%, Compass Box, Hogsheads, 2634 bottles)

Colour: Light gold with darker hues.
Nose: Gentle and aerial peat, lemony peat, brine and wet wood on the beach. Then it slowly evolves towards apple, peaches, apricots, plums, oranges, noble wood, honey, floral and waxy notes. A very nice and elegant nose reflecting pretty well the two distilleries characteristic profiles in a single nose. It’s not very expressive, it’s more on a elegant and complex side.
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated and the texture is oily. Wood, anise, sweet spices, lemony peat, brine, hints of exotic fruits marmalade, mangoes and wood bitterness. It’s a quite common profile considering those distilleries. It’s not even particularly powerful.
Finish: Mid-Long. It’s quite shy and typical too. Wood smoke, spices, aerial peat, hints of tropical fruits.

I can’t hide my deception with that dram. The two components seemed great but honestly, if you except the nose, the result is on par with a lot of whiskies priced for 100 euros on average or even less so I really don’t understand what’s the trick here. I would have loved to try the two initial components but clearly, the result is very underwhelming.

Score: 88

I had really high expectation with this blend and it fails pretty hard to deliver it. I’ll try to test other more recent Compass Box and I hope the quality will be higher because clearly some of their other older blends completely annihilate that one for just a fraction of the price.

You can still find some of those as of now if you’re looking after it but please try a sample before buying, you could be disappointed!

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