Old Brothers & Excellence Rhum 2020

I’m waiting this tasting for weeks for several reasons, this is the first JM review on the blog and not the least, the oldest release ever made! (did you notice it’s cask strength at 43.1%?) It’s Chairman’s Reserve first review there as well, with one of the oldest Saint Lucia yet released, it sounds interesting, isn’t it?

JM Old Brothers & ER 1999-2020 (43.1%, cask #180012, 369 bottles)

Colour: A pleasant copper.
Nose: The wood is present but not as much as expected after 21yo under tropics. In the first minutes candle wax dominates the nose, then we have vanilla, orangettes, caramel, toasted bread, butter and latte macchiato. It’s quite elegant and complex. It also reminds me some old cognacs.
Mouth: Pleasant creamy texture. It’s less expressive than the nose but still very elegant. Noble wood, fresh cane, tannins, vanilla, candle wax, citruses, almonds, pineapples with some spicy notes. It’s the kind of old school profile I enjoy.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Burnt wood, crème brulée, vanilla, menthol and anise star.

One more rhum agricole I really enjoyed, it’s delicious! Good job.

Score: 90

Chairman’s Reserve Old Brothers & ER 2000-2020 (65.1%, cask #922000, 234 bottles, ex-bourbon)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: Wow, the atmosphere has drastically changed! It’s quite powerful but the alcohol is well integrated. Esters, cherry wood, leather, solvents, polish, rotten bananas, nuts, camphor and some vegetal notes.
Mouth: As powerful as the nose but still in a good way. It’s slightly drying and bitterish. Exotic fruits, cherry wood, leather, anise, camphor, sap, peppermint, nutmeg, tannins, cherries and fuel. The tropical ageing influence is clearly noticeable.
Finish: Very long, warm and bitter. Vanilla, Italian fresh gorgonzola, burnt wood, fruity and violet candies and cherry pits.

I’m not a huge fan of these woody/spicy profiles but it take nothing away from the quality of the rum. It also lacks some accuracy and sharpness inside that power in my opinion.

Score: 84

One more time the tasting session surprised me a lot, to be honest I didn’t expect the JM to win this (due to my personal taste). Good job to Old Brothers & Excellence Rhum for this selection!

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JM Old Brothers & ER 1999-2020
Chairman’s Reserve Old Brothers & ER 2000-2020

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