Saint James 2.0

Few years ago I wasn’t drinking Agricole rhum and now I catch myself at being hyped by these kind of line up… That’s some seriouschanges!

Saint James Corman Collins 2002-2020 (52.4%, 480 bottles, ex-bourbon)

Colour: A bit lighter than the two others, dark copper.
Nose: It’s an aerial nose, way less woody and more classy, I love it. Yellow fruits jam, citruses, pears, eucalyptus, milk chocolate, caramel, nuts, hazelnuts, grains, leather, gingerbread and cappuccino.
Mouth: Very nice thick texture and the alcohol is very well integrated. Fresh cane, slightly spiced, ginger, leather, blood oranges, melted butter, cinnamon, and a kind of vintage touch with polished wood and old furnitures. It’s very harmonious overall.
Finish: Long. Vanilla dominates the finish. Marzipan, burnt brown sugar, roasted almonds and tobacco.

Vintage and classy Saint James, good job Hubert.

Score: 91

Saint James Brut de fût 2003-2018 (56.4%, 2100 bottles)

Colour: Coffee with copper hues.
Nose: Fresh cane, brown sugar, polished wood, corn flakes, cocoa, wood, vanilla, leather, dark chocolate, fresh soil and roasted aromas.
Mouth: The alcohol is well integrated. Vanilla, ginger, fresh cane, chillies, wet wood, nuts, almonds, brown sugar, burnt caramel and some herbal notes. It’s very hot and spicy, so much that it’s disbalance the whole mouth.
Finish: Long and slightly bitterish. Vanilla dominates the finish. Cocoa, dark chocolate, nuts and butter.

The mouth is a bit unbalanced but it remains a credible alternative to the sold-out Confrérie du Rhum bottling.

Score: 87

Saint James 2003-2018 Confrérie du rhum (59%, 950 bottles)

Colour: Coffee with copper hues.
Nose: Caramel, vanilla, pepper, cocoa powder, coffee beans, leather, brown sugar, smoked wood and tobacco.
Mouth: Very pleasant thick texture, it’s warm and the alcohol is perfectly integrated. Caramel, dried fruits, nuts, almonds, burnt sugar, ginger, wet wood and « crème brûlée ». It’s very well balanced.
Finish: Long. Dark chocolate bitterness, wood, marzipan and almonds.

I’m not a huge fan of rhum agricole but this one shocked me, very nice selection! I’m a bit disappointed that I can’t find any bottle anymore. Well done La Confrérie!

Score: 90

What a great battle, I enjoyed a lot.
Corman Collins is the winner of the day mostly because the wood don’t overwhelms the whole experience and it creates something more delicate with a vintage touch. But I still enjoy that CDR bottling as if it was the first time I taste it.
Cheers everyone!

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