Some young Elixirs (part 2)

Another part of the Elixir batch that I started last week, let’s see if something shines today!

Aultmore 9 yo 2011-2020 « Reserve Casks Parcel No.4«  (48%, The Single Malts of Scotland) 

Colour: Straw.
Nose: White and yellow fruits basket, alcohol, freshly cut ripe peaches, straw and some delicate waxy notes in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not very good and the texture is quite liquid. Unfortunately there are no more waxy notes around guys, what a shame. Cereals, acidic notes, yeast, pears, white peach and yellow fruit jam.
Finish: Medium. It’s starting with fruits but rapidly only the alcohol warmness lingers

That’s an interesting Aultmore but the fact that the alcohol is still too present even with a dilution is annoying. Still an interesting profile.

Score: 85

Linkwood 10 yo 2009-2020 « Reserve Casks Parcel No.4 » (48%, The Single Malts of Scotland) 

Colour: Straw with golden hues.
Nose: Yellow fruits, apples, pears, cereals and barley notes. The fruity side is more powerful than the last one.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good and the texture is very liquid. A delicious fruits salad, freshly cut pears, apples and yellow peaches with some hints of almond milk.
Finish: Medium. Fruit salad lingering for a good moment with hints of white pepper!

It’s monolithic but easy to drink and quite enjoyable. Let’s be honest, that’s obviously not the level of fruitiness that you can find in some ’90s Irish’s but hey that’s 50 bucks!
A really decent daily dram, liked it!

Score: 86

A Speyside Distillery 10 yo 2010-2020 « Reserve Casks Parcel No.4 » (48%, The Single Malts of Scotland) 

Colour: Deep brown with auburn hues.
Nose: Honey glazed raisins, alcohol notes, wet wood, leather, dusty library.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good and the texture is a bit oily! Raw cocoa bean, bitter cocoa, candied oranges, leather, bitter chocolate, raisins. At the end of the mouth appears some tannins and also mineral notes.
Finish: Medium. The same perfect balance is present, it’s really good!

Nice one! Candied oranges and raisins sweetness is perfectly balanced with the austere and bitter notes of the mineral, tannins and bitter cocoa. That’s really good but you have to like those kind of austere profile, It’s definitely not a round or sweet sherry!

Score: 87

Clynelish 2010-2020 « French Connections«  (55.3%, The Single Malts of Scotland, Bourbon barrel, cask #700045, 238 bottles) 

Colour: White wine with pale gold hues.
Nose: A bit flat. Yellow peaches, citruses, lemons, plums and waxy notes. A bit too shy overall.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not good and the texture is oily. Ripe white fruits and waxy notes, everything is quite… perfect! But then, in the middle of the mouth, arrives some kind of powerful alcoholic notes overwhelming everything. What a shame!
Finish: Long. A very nice fruit basket, straw, cereals, grassy and waxy notes. The alcoholic notes are still very present all over the finish and it’s the only things lingering after a bit of time.

That’s quite a fruit bomb, but for me the alcoholic notes destroys the perfect start. It’s still a good dram but it could have been so much better without those notes!

Score: 86

Here it is, it was finally a nice session! We didn’t discover any true gems but to be honest nothing was bad. Depending on your taste and on the kind of profile that everyone like it’s possible to find a nice daily dram with a very nice price/quality ratio, so well done guys!

It seems that it’s still available in a lot of web-shop, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a bottle if you’re looking for one.

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