Barbados madness

It’s as difficult to find informations about those bottlings as it is to find a bottle. Luckily some friends got them, so let’s give those a try!

Cave Guildive W.I.R.D 2000-2017 (56%, ex-bourbon)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: Yellow fruits, caramelised apples, pears, sugar notes from a great bourbon, smoke, coal, burnt straw, wet wood, black olives, mirabelle plums, apricots, dried fruits, peaches, nutmeg and camphor. Great nose there with a lot of roundness.
Mouth: Straight at first but the alcohol is well integrated. Smoke, coal, vanilla, caramel, it is less fruity than the nose but there’s a spicy side with a mix of peppers and some ginger. I can also taste some metallic notes which makes me think about the typical Port Mourant profile.
Finish: Long and dry. Smoke and burnt wood overwhelms this finish, with extra brown sugar, dried fruits and few floral notes.

The ex-bourbon cask gives him a very plaisant roundness, good job!

Score: 88

Cadenhead’s Black Rock 1986-1999 (73.4%)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: The first word I’m thinking about is « UFO », what’s this? Coal, burnt wood, dark smoke but this time with some pleasant candies notes which makes me think about a Savanna HERR. It’s powerful but the alcohol is very well integrated. Spiced black olives, straw, it’s slightly bitterish as well. A very complex nose!
Mouth: Very nice thick texture. As the nose it’s powerful but the alcohol stay perfectly integrated. Coal, burnt wood, smoke, sour candies, blackcurrants, yellow fruits, black olives, grilled sardines, seawater and ginger. That’s a quite evolutive and impressive mouth.
Finish: Very long. Candied fruits, strawberries, violet flowers, blackcurrants, candies and some roasted notes.

Like I already said, this one is a true UFO, I loved it!

Score: 92

Those are two very nice bottlings that introduced the W.I.R.D distillery to the blog, it’s like another face of barbados rums. I’m now curious to taste more from them. Thanks Alex & Marco for the samples, cheers!

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Cave Guildive W.I.R.D 2000-2017
Cadenhead Black Rock 1986-1999

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