Some 90’s Irish!

Irish whisky from the 90’s have quite a reputation. So I decided to finally try a big bag of those, I hope you guys loves exotic fruits!

Teeling 21 yo 1998-2020 (52.6%, OB for The Nectar, rum cask, cask #100050)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Mixed yellow fruits, citruses, guavas, pineapples, mangoes, vanilla, eucalyptus, hints of grass and floral notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good. It’s oily and quite powerful. Ripe bananas, ripe mixed yellow fruits, tropical fruits, white pepper and eucalyptus freshness
Finish: Mid-Long. There is first a lot of tropical fruits all over then it fades and is replaced progressively with pepper and eucalyptus freshness with tropical fruits jam notes.

This is fairly good overall, there is a solid balance but it lack a bit of complexity.

Score: 89

Single Malt Irish Whiskey 24 yo 2017 (46.8%, That Boutique-y Whisky Company, Batch 1)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Isn’t it tropical fruits in there? Pretty sure I gonna eat my 5 fruits easily today guys! Honey, ripe mangoes, pineapples, passion fruit.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. It’s oily and powerful. It’s a tropical fruit bomb for sure. Kiwi, pineapples, mangoes, noble wood, pepper, vanilla and hints of honey. It’s powerful!
Finish: Long. Any ripe tropical fruit seem to be in there with hints of pine wood in the background adding freshness to the mix and also some sweet spices.

That’s monolithic for sure but highly quaffable and effective, nice one!

Score: 91

Ireland 26 yo 1989-2015 (49.8%, The Nectar of the Daily Drams)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: Delicate honey and floral notes, tropical fruits, peach, melons, grapefruits. We are starting on a nicely balanced nose!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. It’s thick, syrupy and powerful. Ripe tropical fruits for sure, mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples, waxy notes, spices, gentle wood, vanilla, eucalyptus and hints of honey.
Finish: Long. The same tropical fruits are lingering in my mouth forever but then appears some hints of beeswax, sweet spices and even a pinch of salt.

That’s another great Irish, there is a nice complexity, balance, power and the integration is perfect. That’s a ticket!

Score: 91

Irish Single Malt 1991-2015 (52.2%, The Whisky Mercenary)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: I’m pretty sure that there is delicate gentle peat in this one! Tropical fruits, green olives, brine, passion fruits and honey.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is. Aerial peat, spices, cinnamon, white pepper and hints of smoke are rising in power making the initial tropical fruit burst less and less present. That’s lovely.
Finish: Long. Mainly peat, spices and cinnamon with hints of mangoes and brine.

This dram is not a typical 90’s Irish and I was first intrigued when I started but it’s just perfect globally and really enjoyable!

Score: 91

Gelston’s 26 yo 2018 (54.2%, OB, blue box, bourbon cask,144 bottles)

Colour: Gold with dark gold hues.
Nose: A really nice tropical fruit basket! Mangoes, passion fruits, pineapples (with some pronounced acidity) and vanilla notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. It’s really thick, syrupy. There is an initial burst of tropical fruits mixed together, perfectly integrated to be honest then appears some spices, honey, grassy notes and pine wood which adds freshness and balance.
Finish: Long. Mangoes and passion fruits are clearly dominant here with also some gentle spices and the same pine wood freshness that was present in the mouth.

That one is a killer! The balance of sweetness and acidity is perfect, the alcohol integration is top notch, it’s powerful and complex, wow!

Score: 92

Irish Single Malt 26 yo 1988-2015 (45.6%, Whisky Doris, The Nose Art serie, Sherry Hogshead, cask #14360, 217 bottles)

Colour: Gold with darker hues.
Nose: There is a green fruits dominance, freshly cut apples, solvants, vanilla , leather and some tropical fruit jam notes in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. It’s oily. Leather, old books, raisins, gentle smoke, red berries, tobacco, sweet coca, tropical fruits jam and some kind of wood adding a bit of astringent notes.
Finish: Long. It’s starts with a tropical fruits mix and some sweet spices, then comes some woody astringent notes at the end of the mouth.

It’s not my favorite profile but everything is pretty good with a fairly nice complexity.

Score: 90

Redbreast 19 yo 1998-2017 (55.7%, OB, Oloroso Sherry Cask, cask #70946, 648 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: The nose is not very expressive. There are mostly regular sherry markers. Figs, raisins, leather, dates.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good. It’s a thick texture. Wood and spices dominate the mouth. there are also cocoa, cinnamon, pepper, oak and hints of passion fruits. (Nice combo!)
But all of those are quite shy compared to the wood and spices.
Finish: It’s in perfect harmony with the mouth, mainly with spices, pepper and wood.

That’s a nice Redbreast profile. The only downside I could see is that the the alcohol integration could have been better.

Score: 91

What a great line-up, isn’t it ? It seems that those bottlings are up to their reputation! If tropical fruits in whisky is a thing for you I think that trying some Irish from the 90’s are some safe bets! That’s a shame that the price raised so much, those are true gems.

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