TDL or Caroni?

To be or not to be : that’s the question…

Rum Artesanal T.D.L 2001-2020 (56.5%, cask #134, 389 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: This is a dirty nose. Hay, wood glue, petrol, menthol, leather, blackberries, grapefruits, blood oranges and burnt wood. The nose lacks a bit of complexity.
Mouth: It’s very different from the nose and rich in flavours. Petrol, dark oil, raspberries, blackberries, violet flowers, light tannins, strawberries, bunch of flowers, red fruits pies and citruses. I still have this kind of dirtyness with some black fruits.
Finish: Long. Violet flowers, rubber, cherries, goji berries, cherry wood and the waxy notes of a great whisky.

I agree there’s some Caroni notes, but I’m sure this is not a Caroni. Indeed this is a very great rum and the best T.D.L I could taste yet, again at very fair price. Good job Rum Artesanal!

Score: 89

Compagnie des Indes TDL 2003-2019 (63.5%, cask #TLBF16, 276 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: Fruity and dirty nose. Dark bitterish chocolate, black grapes, strong coffee, burnt wood, dark oil, hay, raspberries, goji berries and some medicinal notes.
Mouth: It’s warm and the alcohol is pretty well integrated. Mix of black, blue and red berries, cherries, violet flowers, rubber, petrol, leather, cocoa beans and tobacco leaves. A very nice and unusual profile.
Finish: Mid-long and bitterish. Red fruits, gooseberries, raspberries, tobacco, cherry wood and some leather notes.

Same as the first one, I’m sure this isn’t a Caroni but it remains a very good T.D.L, good job as well!

Score: 88

I’m a bit surprised these two rums are very close to each other in many points, if you loved or missed the Rum Artesanal release, you should take a look to the CDI one, because you can still find some bottles left.
Thanks to our main rum samples supplier Alex!

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Rum Artesanal T.D.L 2001-2020
Compagnie des Indes TDL 2003-2019

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