A crazy Mortlach

The french independent bottler « Le Gus’t » releases another bottling and it’s a Mortlach 25 yo with a pretty fair price tag to say the least. I can’t wait to try it to be honest and I heard it’s not a typical Mortlach profile so we will see.

Mortlach 25 yo 1995-2020 (45.8%, Le Gus’t, Sherry butt, #157, 285 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold with auburn hues and darker shades. It’s a really nice colour.
Nose: Wait, where is the alcohol? Nice integration.
All flavours are perfectly integrated too. Noble wood, grapefruits, candied lemons, candied oranges, leather, tobacco, hints of floral notes, barley. Everything is evolutive and slowly goes towards some mentholated freshness. Wow can’t wait to taste it!
Mouth: The alcohol is perfectly integrated and the mouthfeel is oily. It’s some kind of old school balanced and integrated sherry whisky, the kind you usually found when navigating through some « Old & rare » bottlings.
Candied oranges, lemon zest, raisins, candle wax, leather, heather, dusty old rooms, old cigar box and a lot of perfectly integrated citruses with freshly cut oranges and lemons. Then those flavours fades slowly away letting some space for the incoming background full of freshness with a delicate mix of pine wood and eucalyptus.
There are even some hints of mushrooms notes, just like it has some OBE notes. (It’s obviously not OBE since it has been bottled two months ago)
What the heck is that? That’s really nice.
Finish: Long. It’s in perfect harmony with the mouth but it lingers a bit more on the eucalyptus and the pine wood. A very harmonious and fresh finish.

When you close your eyes you can easily feel yourself sitting in an old Chesterfield leather seat inside an old dusty library sipping this highly quaffable beauty… One more really nice selection.

Score: 91

This one got me. Complexity, alcohol integration, flavours integration, intensity of flavour, balance and a long finish. You guys checked a lot boxes… Another stunning dram I’ll enjoy till the last drop. Hats off to the Le Gus’t team!

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