Sansibar & Wild Parrot

Three bottlings selected by Jens in the paddocks today, the first is a South Pacific Distillery (Fiji) bottled by Wild Parrot, the second is a continental Hampden from 2009, this means DOK mark which is the highest level of esters in the Hampden distillery. Bottled by Wild Parrot as well, this one should be hard to handle..
And the third one is the brand new Sansibar-Whisky bottling from the closed Trinidad distillery, Caroni.

Wild Parrot South Pacific Sansibar 2009-2019 (62.3%, cask #WP09623, 192 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: It’s powerful! It’s starting with over-ripe bananas, green olives and polish. It’s exactly the Fiji profile I usually like.
Peach, apple, exotic spices, and brand new car leather.
Mouth: It’s sweet in the first place but it becomes more powerful after a few seconds with alcohol notes growing up a bit too much. It’s actually as fruity as the nose. Ripe bananas are dominating the whole mouth. There is also yellow fruits, tobacco, some burning spices and tannins in the background. It’s funky!
Finish: Long. Canon powder, dark smoke, cold ashes and dark cocoa.

I have tested a lot of Fijian rums and I found 2 main categories of profile, herbal/medicinal and fruity/funky, this one belong to the second one for sure.

Score : 85

Wild Parrot Hampden Sansibar 2009-2020 (63.8%, cask #WP09638, 302 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: It’s explosive ! A slap in the face at first, but not surprising for a DOK mark. Rotten bananas, pineapples, olives, lemons, grapefruits, fresh straw, marzipan, butter. The alcohol is not overwhelming but it remains powerful.
Mouth: Wow, my first impression is that it’s surprisingly sweet! Alcohol is well integrated, it’s very flavorful. Esters, pineapple, acidulous and the typical bananas and olives combo. It becomes sweeter after a few seconds with some candied lemons, vanilla, butter and even cakes.
Finish: Long. A dark smoke is dominating the finish like many others Hampdens, with hints of sugar in the background.

A two-facets rum, savage and sweet in the same time, well done!

Score : 87

Sansibar Caroni 1997-2020 (55.5%, cask #78, 240 bottles)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: Well, no doubt it’s a Caroni, starting with rubber, tarmac, leather, oils. With time, it becomes fruitier. Exotic fruits, dark chocolate, spices. It’s heavy and sweet at the same time.
Mouth: It’s rich in flavours and you actually can’t feel any alcohol. It’s very complex as the nose with sweet and fruity notes. Caramel, vanilla, mangoes, wood (not too much), the Caroni signature notes and some freshness. The whole flavours fits very well and creates something different than a classic HTR Caroni.
Finish: Exotic fruits, coffee beans, bitter cocoa. It lasts very long with the dominance of peppermint.

Kudos to Jens, this one is insane. Everything match perfectly, very well balanced!

Score : 93

Three different rums but I liked each in their way, with of course a special mention for the Caroni 97. And to be honest, the guy behind those bottlings is as good as those bottles, thanks Jens.

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Wild Parrot South Pacific Sansibar 2009-2019
Wild Parrot Hampden Sansibar 2009-2020
Sansibar Caroni 1997-2020

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