Let’s find the still – Part 1 (Uitvlugt & Port Mourant)

Usually I’m not a huge fan of these gold-coloured Guyanese rums, so let’s start the part one with three of them, the two lasts comes from Belgian independent bottlers (The Nectar and The Rum Mercenary).

Duncan Taylor Uitvlugt 1997-2015 (52.8%, cask #11, 302 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: The alcohol is a bit too present. There are a lot of spices dominating the nose. Grains, marzipan, vanilla, oranges and grapefruits.
Mouth: It’s sweet, maybe too much. Yellow fruits, mangoes, peaches, grapes, brown sugar, butter, dark chocolate, honey and pepper.
Finish: Mid-long. It’s woody, slightly bitterish then those flavours fades and some sugar notes appear and last for a moment.

My opinion: Savalle still

You should be watchful, Duncan Taylor released two Uitvlugts 97, the other one is 53.5% and is not coming from the same still.

Score: 85

The Nectar Uitvlugt 1998-2017 (52.1%)

Colour: Very pale gold.
Nose: The alcohol is a bit too much noticeable for this ABV. It’s sweet with green apples, grapes, pears, milk chocolate and pralines. This nose is very round, I could easily imagine some kind of sweet desserts when smelling it. I like it!
Mouth: It’s too sweet and a bit too flat. Liquorice, vanilla, cocoa, hints of sugar, wood with apples and pears in the background. The nose was more complex and interesting than the mouth.
Finish: Mid-long. It’s spicy, metallic, bitterish. It still has the same lingering sugar notes than the Duncan Taylor at the end of the finish.

My opinion: Savalle still

I loved the nose, unfortunately the mouth was a bit underwhelming compared to the nose. It’s still a good Uitvlugt indeed!

Score: 87

The Rum Mercenary Black Label Port Mourant 2002-2020 (51.7%, 90 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: This one is way more powerful than the two precedents! Metallic notes, bitter, wet wood, dark chocolate, apples, pears, cloves, nutmegs and some ginger spiciness.
Mouth: That’s sweeter than the nose, the alcohol is well integrated. Steel, metal scrap, noble wood, a bunch of grapes and also some bitterness. It’s a bit monolithic compared to the nose.
Finish: Long. It’s very very dry and bitter. I don’t have any doubts, it’s a Port Mourant here.

My opinion: Port Mourant still

If I had blind-tasted this one I would’ve said it’s a young Port Mourant, very easy to identify because it’s exactly what you can expect from a Port Mourant. Well done.

Score: 87

Three great rums there, The Nectar is the fruitier, the Black Label is the typical Port Mourant, and the Duncan Taylor is a bit underwhelming compared to the two others in my opinion. You’ll find out the top 4 tomorrow with the part 2 of this article.

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