Clynelish, you really got me

Today I’m trying multiple Clynelish bottlings from the 90’s and I’m pretty sure we are going to have some fun!

Clynelish 25 yo 1993-2018 (47.7%, Scotch Malt Whisky Society, #26.125, « Valentin’s Moustache Wax », refill bourbon barrel, 175 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: It’s fruity and waxy with some elegant floral notes. I can also smell a clear coastal background with some salt and iodine.
Mouth: Yellow fruits, wax and some white pepper. Everything is nicely balanced at first and then comes some mineral notes which will dominate the end of the mouth.
Finish: Mid-Long. Still fruits, spices and salt but it’s dominated by the minerality and the waxiness now.

Pretty nice profile, it’s not super powerful but everything is balanced. Things are starting pretty well, isn’t it?

Score: 89

Clynelish 19 yo 1995-2014 (52.7%, Whisky-Fässle, hogshead, duck label)

Colour : White wine.
Nose : Round and waxy with tropical fruits and some floral notes. It’s really good and the sweetness is gently balanced.
Mouth : Oily, the alcohol is well integrated. A bunch of tropical fruits are bursting at first with some elegant wax, pepper and even hints of vanilla. The mouth ends up with the emergence of some mineral notes.
Finish : Very long. A lot of wax and tropical fruits, citruses and it finally ends up with some mineral notes that last for a really long time.

I really like that duck label series. I tried multiple different bottles and all of them were really good. Nice selection!

Score: 90

Clynelish 1995-2018 (53.6%, Signatory Vintage for La Maison du Whisky 20, rue d’Anjou, refill sherry butt, cask #8680, 570 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Sherry markers comes first with raisins, plums, oranges, noble wood, cocoa, a bit of chocolate and then leather and the typical wax. It’s nicely balanced to be honest.
Mouth: Syrupy. The alcohol is well integrated. Salt, leather, raisins, noble wood and citruses. All of these are like coated with some wax.
Finish: Long. Citruses and wax dominate at first and it slowly evolves into some woody bitterness at the end of the finish.

A really nice sherry. The typical Clynelish profile is quite hidden but the waxy notes still remains which enhance the perfectly balanced sherry. It works very well.

Score: 90

I really love the profile that Clynelish’s distillate offers. It’s clearly one of my favorite distillery. I particularly enjoy the complex and elegant bottlings (well to be honest, the less complex too). Those waxy notes really got me..

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