Savanna Unshared Casks

The bottles from Germany and Réunion are traditional rums, the Belgian one is a « Grand Ârome ». It’s also important to notice that these bottlings were released at a very honest price tag (below 100€).

Savanna Unshared cask Germany 2004-2019 (53.6°, cask #263, 699 bottles)

Colour : Gold.
Nose : Grain, wheat, light coffee, it’s quite grassy. Alcohol is well integrated, it’s sweet !
Vanilla, wet grass, apricot I can recognize the Savanna « typical taste » in the background, these strange strawberry candies ! With time it becomes more fruity.
Mouth : Sweetness everywhere. Caramel, grass, iodine, wheat. It’s monolithic, easy to sip and fairly light bodied. It’s a bit spicy, and, unfortunately the mouth is not as complex as the nose.
Finish : Long, it’s drying the mouth and lasts, with some dark chocolate bitterness mainly.

Sweet and easy to drink but I would have appreciated more complexity and funkiness !

Score : 85

Savanna Unshared cask Réunion 2007-2019 (48°, cask #966, 1392 bottles)

Colour : Dark gold.
Nose : Wheat, cherries, strawberries, red berries, candies, lemons, citruses. It’s sweet as well but way more fruity than the German nose.
Mouth : Alcohol is well integrated, the mouthfeel is quite liquid but gentle on the palate. The candies are still there, it’s way more flat than the nose. I can clearly feel the reduction.
It’s woody and less fruity than the nose, there are tagada strawberry candies (yeah, yeah I know) and high tannins. At the end of the mouth the alcohol reappears which was quite unpleasant.
Finish : It’s quite powerful for the reduced ABV and very long. We have violet flowers, some smoke and the same dryness than the German one.

Score : 84

Savanna Unshared cask Belgium 2007-2018 (57.6°, cask #495, 587 bottles)

Colour : Gold with copper hues.
Nose : Full of candies, bananas, red fruits, green olives, even tropical fruits and light wood. Actually the alcohol is unnoticeable, you can literally stick your nose into the glass for multiple minutes without any problem !
Mouth : Typical from Savanna Grand Ârome, we still have these strange strawberries (Yeah, again) ! Flavours are way more intense than the two previous ones (well, way more interesting too in my opinion) and the alcool is perfectly integrated.
Candied fruits in the first place, than cherry, ripe banana, tannins and finally wood that came along. Very fresh mouth actually, a true bomb !
Finish : Still candies that remains for long, olives too and red fruits. No real surprise but a nice continuity between nose, mouth and finish.

Score : 88

The Belgium one was my favorite (objectively, of course !), the funkiest and flavourful one out of the three without being aggressive at all. Very well done !
I want to give a special thanks to Pascal for the samples, and the picture as well !

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