Duo of Littlemills

Today I have two Littlemills waiting to be tested. I really like the Littlemill profile and usually the 90’s ones are a safe bet !

Littlemill 21 yo 1989-2010 (57.4%, The Stillman’s, bourbon barrel, 204 bottles)

Colour: Pale straw.
Nose: A huge basket of tropical fruits, papayas, mangoes, passion fruits, vanilla. It develops into some grassy freshness with hints of cereals.
Mouth: Oily, the alcohol integration is perfect. Really mineral and green, a bit austere to be honest but surprisingly, it works! Then comes the exotic fruits and a lot pepper.
Finish: Very long. Grassy bitterness and yellow fruits with some lemons too. It’s a fresh and dry finish.

Not the typical 90’s Littlemill but it’s really good. I really like the mouth which starts by being austere and then evolves into a spicy and fruity finish. Lovely!

Score: 91

Littlemill 27 yo 1992-2019 (49.8%, Cadenhead, Closed Distillery, bourbon hogshead, 270 bottles)

Colour: Pale straw.
Nose: Another big basket of exotic fruits, but this one is rounder. Ananas, bananas, passion fruits, papayas and even lemons.
Mouth: Oily too. The alcohol integration is quite good but not as much as the previous one. A burst of tropical fruits, cream, grass, lemon and some mint which add some freshness to the mix !
Finish: Long. The grassiness is omnipresent with some floral notes too. Well there are also a lot of tropical fruits as you may have guessed.

This one is less original but the profile is really enjoyable, more typical of those 90’s bottlings. I really liked that dram but the only thing that bothered me was the integration of the alcohol which could have been better. (It’s a minor detail, I know)

Score: 90

Two really nice Littlemills with even some originality in the profile, a true success. What a shame that it’s so hard to get your hands on those bottles nowadays!

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