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Tormore 24yo 1995-2019 (45.4%, Le Gus’t)

This one is quite unexpected as Tormore is not really a super famous distillery, but we found a big pearl with a horn, trust me !

To be honest, my brother and I are on a kind of quest. We love exploring every side of new whiskies and rums to find hidden jems. Sometimes we are disappointed and sometimes we find hidden gems, that’s just how it is.
This one is quite unexpected as Tormore is not really a super famous distillery, but we found a big gel with a horn, trust me!

Tormore 24yo 1995-2019 (45.4%, Le Gus’t, Butt, cask #LG272, 398 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: The alcohol is not present at all. I can literally stick my nose in the glass for as long as I want, what a pleasure! We have honey at first, then a lot of fruits! A big basket of fresh yellow fruits and a bit of wax in the background too.
Mouth: The alcohol here is just perfectly integrated, you almost can’t notice it but you still have the really intense flavours you expect from top notch whiskies. It has an oily texture. Honestly, nearly every boxes is getting checked right now, hmm… that’s what I love !
The mouth is in perfect harmony with the nose !
We still have a basket of fresh yellow fruits : peaches, plums, oranges and even bananas. Then comes a bit of honey, it’s quite waxy too and there is also a bit of freshness, mint-y freshness to be precise. That, in fact, reminds me of an old Lochside from the 60´s! (Well the mint here is more subtle)
It develops over time and makes appear a little bit of pine wood too which make a perfect duo with the freshness.
Finish: Looong! Freshness of the mint and yellow fruits jumping everywhere on the central stage. Then the fruity side disappears and here comes the minty freshness which linger for quite a while!
Wow, nice one!

That’s a really nice fruity old school dram, you barely notice the sherry markers.
Here we have a perfect distillate aged perfectly in a charming cask. Those kinds of casks that adds some minty freshness are quite rare. That’s a profile we don’t see much of these days.
A complex old school stunner! I love it. A really nice selection, good job guys!

Score: 91

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