The Nectar 15th Anniversary bottlings (Part 3)

Here we have two old drams from the Daily Dram 15th Anniversary bottlings to try today. Given how good started the reviews about this set I am quite thrilled to try those!

Longmorn 22yo 1998-2021 (55.7%, Daily Dram, 15 years anniversary)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: It’s quite round and floral with acacia honey, pears, freshly cut granny smith apples, pastry and also some peaches juice.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. Pears, sweet apples notes, acidic granny smith apples, tarte tatin, forest honey, honey biscuit and also some hints of cardboard with a gentle wood dryness on the background.
Finish: Long. Citruses, apples and pears at first that slowly disappears to let some room for some more austere notes and wood dryness.

A round and floral well executed dram! Well it’s easy to drink moreover while being quite simple too. In the end, a delicious Longmorn!

Score: 89

Glen Moray 29yo 1991-2021 (52.3%, Daily Dram, 15 years anniversary)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: Nearly no alcohol presence. It’s more fruity and more woody that the Longmorn. Exotic fruits, mangoes chutney, passion fruits, vegetal notes and some delicate waxy notes!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good but not as the last one and the texture is oily. It’s starting with a very nice basket of fruits including a lot of white and yellow fruits, ripe peaches, mangoes, guavas, un-ripe pineapples and still some nice vegetal notes in the background. After some time the freshness of those fruits disappears. Some canned fruits salad notes will end this mouth profile with also some very acidic passion fruits and a bit of un-ripe and quite medicinal mangoes notes.
Finish: Mid-Long. Cinnamon, white pepper, canned fruit salad in syrup with some sporadic spikes of acidic passion fruits.

I like the evolutive side of this dram very much and the profile is overall very interesting but it lacks a bit in the alcohol integration department.

Score: 88

It was two good drams for sure but I was hoping for a bit more given the good start we had last week with this set! Anyway, there are still two more to try so we will see what’s my favorite among these bottlings.

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