1992 Hampden duo

Two more Hampden oldies from the 1992 vintage, wearing the HLCF mark. It’s the same vintage but there’s a huge gap of 10 years between their bottling dates. For reference, we already had some great bottlings from 1992 such as this Compagnie des Indes or Masam.

Cadenhead’s Hampden 1992-2006 (66.2%)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: The alcohol integration isn’t that good. There’s lot of alcohol presence but it’s not rich in aromas. Roasted pineapples, candied lemons, cinnamon, burnt wood, coffee beans, Granny smith apples, chilies, wood, candle wax, bananas, black olives, and some brine.
Mouth: That’s intense, warm and quite astringent, the alcohol integration is better there. Mangoes, candied pineapples and lemons, papayas, caramelized black olives, brown sugar, brine, smoke, fuel and glue. After the unpleasant astringence, the sugary notes and candied fruits lead the way.
Finish: Long. Dark smoke dominates the finish, peppermint, bitter almonds, marzipan, vanilla and some dried fruits.

This one had some potential but needed more time in the barrel in my opinion.

Score: 82

Rum Nation Hampden 1992-2016 (61.6%, cask #1-12, 504 bottles)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: This is logically more complex and more pleasant as well. Caramelized pecan nuts, hazelnuts, ripe pineapples, blood oranges, bananas, green olives, wood, brown sugar, glue, marzipan and some mineral notes. The nose is a bit different than what we’re used to and I really enjoy it.
Mouth: Nice oily texture and the alcohol integration is pretty nice. Candied pineapples, candied lemons, grapefruits, mangoes, bananas, burnt wood, cinnamon, blood oranges, caramelized hazelnuts, eucalyptus freshness, chilies, brown sugar and brine. Well balanced mouth with lot of roundness.
Finish: Long. Brown sugar, mineral notes, peppermint, dried pineapples, marzipan and some glue.

This one take part of the best 1992 I’ve taste, good job!

Score: 90

One more proof that long ageing makes great things with Hampden rums. Very nice selection from Rum Nation, unfortunately that’s a bit too late to find a bottle, right?
Thanks Alex for the sample, cheers!

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Cadenhead’s Hampden 1992-2006
Rum Nation Hampden 1992-2016

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