Rum Runner 2nd wave

Few months ago I virtually met Sylvain Pottier (thanks Mael), a new french independent bottler. I discovered the first « Rum Runner » range of rums which totals 6 rums. Back to the beginning today we’ll try four of them which have been reduced around 50%. To be honest I love that kind of experience, doing a great reduction add another dimension to the rum approach, it requires more skill than « simply » bottle a cask strength rum. We also all had good and bad surprises with reductions so let’s see what are the results here!

Rum Runner Cuba 2015-2020 (48.6%)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Same statement as the full proof first, this is quite light-bodied. We still have wood, tobacco, dark bitter chocolate, leather, cocoa and burnt caramel.
Mouth: It has a great texture, that’s positive that the reduction didn’t kill it at all, quite the contrary. We have wood, butter caramel, tannins, white pepper, tobacco, cocoa beans, chilies, hints of vanilla, apricots jam, anise and some metallic notes. The mouth is clearly more expressive than the full proof one, nice!
Finish: Too short and warm. Still with woody notes, cocoa and spices.

Those months didn’t change my mind about that kind of ron, I’m not the target audience because it’s too light bodied and lacks of complexity, but the reduction make it better, goal achieved!

Score: 80

Rum Runner Belize 2007-2020 (49.7%)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: The classical Belize aromatic range! Coconuts, chocolate, vanilla, caramel with some extra citruses such as grapefruits and blood oranges. The nose is quite fresh, nice!
Mouth: We keep that nice oily texture we had with the full proof one. I have wood, vanilla, coconuts, burnt caramel, chocolate, tobacco, spices, tannins, marzipan, white pepper and nutmeg. The nose’s citruses are unfortunately less present there and it lacks a bit of complexity but the reduction makes it more accessible without killing his personality.
Finish: Mid-long, it goes a bit too fast. Toasted bread, bitter oranges, dark chocolate and tobacco.

The reduction fit well that Belize, simple and effective. Different than the full proof but not better in my opinion.

Score: 85

Rum Runner T.D.L 2002-2020 (51.3%)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Dark and red fruits combo, we’re back in the forest! Blueberries, gooseberries, leather, blackcurrants, eucalyptus and some wood notes. The nose is more fresh with that reduction. There is a slight unpleasant alcoholic peak I didn’t have before.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very nice there and the texture is nice as well. Same pattern as the nose, blueberries, gooseberries, leather, blackcurrants, eucalyptus and mint combo and some wood notes. It’s very well balanced, lovely mouth.
Finish: Mid-long and refined. Wood, eucalyptus, raspberries and maple syrup.

This TDL surprised me at full proof last time, the nose is a bit under the full proof one because of the alcohol integration but the mouth is one step ahead!

Score: 85

Rum Runner Monymusk 2007-2020 (50.9%)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: One more time the reduction seems to be well done, it didn’t kill his jamaican souuul! The nose is funky, with a lot of apple notes. We also have overripe bananas, polish, pears, vanilla, roasted notes, apple juice and cocoa
Mouth: It starts sweet at first, then it becomes stronger and warmer. Apples, green bananas, green olives, wood, almonds, marzipan, strawberry jam, toasted bread, polish and glue. The reduction is close to imperceptible -in a good way- in any aspect. That’s more balanced but it still doesn’t convince me
Finish: Mid-long and warm. Peppermint, dark smoke, vanilla, buns and strawberry jam.

I’m still not a huge fan of this category but it’s a well balanced and pleasant continental Monymusk, I prefer a bit the reduced release, one more time the reduction works pretty well, good job!

Score: 86

The conclusion is quite simple, all those reductions had a beneficial influence (except for the TDL nose in my opinion), at least the rums are at the same level for a lower ABV and for some it’s even better. Even if initially those releases were targetting an audience I do not really belong to, that’s a great indicator about the skills that Rum Runner has.
I’m looking forward to discover the next releases!
Thanks Sylvain, cheers!

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