Some young first fill bourbon drams

I wanted to taste something fruity today, so I decided to grab some young first fill bourbon dram and see what happens!

Glen Ord 10yo 2010 (48%, Thompson Brothers, 1st Fill Bourbon Barrel, 485 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: A bit shy at start with floral honey, yellow fruits, pastry notes, fudge, toffee, marzipan and some grassy notes in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. It’s quite round with some acacia honey, cookie dough, pastry notes, hints of chocolate, freshly cut apples and peers and even acidulous tangerines.
Finish: Medium. Alcohol notes, solvants, yellow fruit jam, mineral notes, wood dryness and tangerine skins adding astringent notes to the finish.

The mouth is clearly on top of everything else here. It’s a very nice Glen Ord full of roundness and balance with a very good alcohol integration. It’s just too bad that the finish has some alcohol notes but it remains a very nice daily dram full of charm!

Score: 87

Clynelish 8yo 2010-2019 (57.5%, SMWS, First Fill Bourbon Barrel, cask #26.134, 224 bottles)

Colour: Straw with some shy white wine hues.
Nose: Way more fruits in this one! White and yellow fruits jam, grapes, violets, banana flavored candies, paraffin, waxy notes, rose petals jam, hints of black tea, chalk and mineral notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. It’s very fruity and floral with a lot of minerality and wax too! Candied orange zest, ripe peaches, grapes adding some astringent notes too, apples, citruses, chalk, mineral notes, candle wax, rose petals, hints of violet, a veil of wood smoke
Finish: Long with way less fruits. It’s mainly mineral, dry and austere with also chalk, hints of floral notes and hints of candle wax.

As you can see there are nearly no flaw in there. It’s powerful, the alcohol integration is perfect, the balance is perfect and we also have some complexity which is very nice for a 8yo dram to be honest!

Score: 90

Two very nice botllings but the Clynelish is clearly my favorite today. The complexity for a young malt as this one is very enjoyable to say the least!

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