Let’s face the hype! Part 1

Did you remember when those were released? You must have joined the boxing ring to get a bottle, each for their own reason I guess. The Neisson VSOP was rated 92 points by Serge Valentin, that’s quite rare for a rum and even more for a rum that cost less than 100€. About the second one, Velier Vieux Sajous, this is even more easy to understand : Velier, black bottle around 70€, I’m pretty sure that’s the first Haitian experience for many purchasers.
So it’s time to present my opinion, without any hype.

Neisson VSOP LMDW 2014-2020 (44%, 900 bottles)

Colour: Dark gold.
Nose: Quite herbal profile. Citruses, lemons, candle wax, flowers, rocket salad, fresh cane, soil, dark chocolate, vanilla, orange peels, freshly cut grass and vinegar.
Mouth: That’s more watery and less pleasant than the nose. Candle wax, dark bitter chocolate, burnt wood, fresh cane, soil, camphor and eucalyptus. That’s a bit monolithic and bitterish, I’m not seduced.
Finish: Long and powerful that contrast with the mouth but still with bitterness. Carbonized wood, peppermint and vanilla. That’s a nice finish for a reduced rum.

Nice but no more. It can do the job as a great starter but far from being a stunner.

Score: 84

Velier Vieux Sajous (50.6%)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: It smells like a young rum but with a pleasant balance. That’s slightly acidulous with apples, pears, polish, cinnamon, sugar, grapefruits, lemons, overripe papayas, bananas, black olives, grape liqueur, sulfur and fresh paint.
Mouth: That’s oily as an olive oil. It’s dry and spicy with some canon powder/sulfur aromas that make me think about Bielle. Overripe papayas, mangoes, solvents, floral notes, pears, ginger and bananas, but the whole profile is less fruity than the nose.
Finish: Long enough. Vanilla, mint, chocolate, brown sugar, smoked wood and honey.

A nice young rum easy to sip but nothing exceptional at all. And that wasn’t the goal, right?

Score: 84

I’m not surprised by the conclusion, we’ve two great rums with a coherent release price but no more. Wrongful hype? Yes I think so, but that doesn’t mean they’re bad.
Watch out for the second part, cheers!

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