Penderyn Duo

Some friends told me about Penderyn, a Welsh distillery with some very nice bottlings. I tried to find some (not so easy to catch) samples, so let’s try those!

Penderyn 5yo 2014-2019 (62.1%, OB for The Whisky Shop Exclusive, Bourbon Cask, cask #175/2014, 125 bottles)

Colour: White wine with golden hues.
Nose: The alcohol is present but not too much agressive. Cereals, yellow fruits, wood dryness, wood smoke, honey, floral notes and straw. On the end of the nose appears briefly some new make notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is quite good. What a nice yellow fruits baskets! Cereals, ripe bananas, fresh mangoes and freshly cut peach. Nice one!
Finish: Mid-long. Flower honey, yellow fruits basket, exotic fruits marmalade.

That dram is obviously monolithic but it’s powerful and highly quaffable. An interesting fruit bomb profile in my opinion!

Score: 88

Penderyn 12yo 2007-2019 (58.6%, OB for LMDW, 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Barrel, cask #71/2007, 196 bottles)

Colour: White wine with copper hues.
Nose: Wow. That’s an impressive fruity explosion! Eucalyptus, honey, peaches, pineapples, passions fruits both adding some acidity to this sweet and fruity profile!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is pretty oily. « Irish style » fruity explosion, ripe passion fruits, fresh pineapples, mangoes, guavas and white pepper.
Finish: Long. Fruits, fruits and fruits! Also some hints of honey, vanilla and cream.

The fruity flavours are really powerful, if the alcohol integration was a bit better I could have though that it was a very good irish from the 90’s!

Score: 90

It’s quite stunning to be honest, the distillate is very fruity, as could be some very nice old Irish and the last dram was quite « old » in its profile. I’m looking forward to try more of those Penderyn bottlings!

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