The Chichibu Hype (part2)

I have one last sample of Chichibu on my stash, let’s see if it’s better than the last two bottles reviewed!

Chichibu « The Peated » 5yo 2013-2018 (55.5%, OB, Bourbon cask, 11150 bottles)

Colour: Very light gold with copper hues.
Nose: Coastal notes. Aerial peat, earthy notes, cooked meat, herbs, smoked wood, white pepper and hints of green bananas.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good! Coastal peat, sea salt, brine, smoke, white pepper, black pepper, anise star and delicate lemon notes on the background.
Finish: Long. Aerial peat, earthy notes, salt, juicy lemons and iodine. After some time those flavours fades away while there is a mentholated freshness lingering a bit longer.

This one is a very good young peated whisky. Nice job!
But in my opinion there is multitude of young peated whisky as good for a fraction of the actual (speculated) price. Still a very good Chichibu!

Score: 88

I hope that I will try something even better from Chichibu in the future. I’ll try to chase some samples of Paris/London Single casks as advised by some community members!

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