Some young Elixirs

Today I’m tasting some very recent Elixir Distillers releases. Those are mostly young whiskies with some honest price tag so let’s see if it’s good!

An Orkney Distillery 10 yo 2009-2020 « Reserve Casks » (48%, The Single Malts of Scotland for LMDW) 

Colour: Amber with auburn hues.
Nose: A lot of walnuts, leather, waxy notes, candied oranges and apricot jam. That’s a nice balanced and fruity nose.
Mouth: The alcohol is well integrated and the texture is a bit too liquid. The sherry markers are still present but everything is melted together, less sharp with a lot of woody notes. There are also some solvents notes and the waxy notes disappeared.
Finish: Medium. Leather, wood, white pepper mixed with other sweet spices.

This is quite good. I liked the nose particularly with those waxy notes, the rest is a bit subpar in my opinion.

Score: 85

An Orkney Distillery 13 yo 2007-2020 « Reserve Casks Parcel No.4 » (48%, The Single Malts of Scotland) 

Colour: Deep amber with auburn hues.
Nose: You can’t deny the similarities with the precedent nose but here the HP markers reveals themselves a bit more! There are some heather in the background, light wood smoke and floral honey notes. Very nice!
Mouth: The alcohol is well integrated and the dilution is not so obvious. The texture is fairly thick. A lot of walnuts, bitter cocoa, dark chocolate, cinnamon, plums, old dusty books, meaty notes and black pepper.
Finish: Bitter cocoa, chocolate and pepper with hints of candied oranges in the background.

What a nice daily dram! It’s not complex at all but it’s a nice profile, easy to drink and highly enjoyable.

Score: 87

Ledaig 14 yo 2005-2020 « Reserve Casks » (57.1%, The Single Malts of Scotland, Sherry butt, cask #900169) 

Colour: Deep gold with darker hues.
Nose: Farmy peat and straw, here we are guys, sitting in the farm! Wet straw, lemony notes and leather too, everything is really powerful.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good and the texture is oily. It’s round, maybe a bit too much. The candied orange notes are powerful, honey, lemon notes, leather, farmy peat. Everything is well balanced except the slightly too present sweetness.
Finish: Long. Round and powerful. Candied oranges, leather and farmy peat and that’s pretty much it!

That’s another monolithic young Ledaig, I can’t deny that those are pretty good most of the time. This one is good for sure but there are a lot of those on the market recently and I’ve tasted better ones.

Score: 87

Bunnahabhain « Bn8 » 2020 (58.4%, Elements of Islay, American Oak and Ex-Sherry Hogshead, 1896 bottles) 

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: I can’t find any alcohol in there. Aerial and delicate peat, iodine, brine, fresh peaches, bitter cocoa, coffee beans and wood smoke.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. Honey, bitter chocolate, white pepper, ginger, acidic notes, citruses, anise star and buttery notes.
Finish: It’s long and more in line with the nose. Raw cocoa, leather, pepper, bitter chocolate and chocolate cookie notes.

What an original profile, it’s a surprise to be honest. It’s clearly not what I prefer profile-wise but it’s really good, highly quaffable and very well balanced.

Score: 88

Those four bottlings are quite consistent but I’m really impressed with this « Orkney 2007 » that is really good and is released at a very fair price. If you’re looking after a good sherry daily dram, this one seems to be a good bet.

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