La Confrérie du Rhum & Longueteau

Benoit selected the first one 6 years ago. It was also the first « Parcellaire » from Longueteau. The second rum I tasted was exactly the same rum which has slept for 6 years in a single cask #44.

Longueteau Parcellaire La Confrérie du Rhum 2014 (50%, unaged, 1500 bottles)

Colour: Clear.
Nose: It’s very fruity and fresh! Papayas, mangoes, passion fruits, oranges, fresh cane, brown sugar, figs, acerolas with some iodized notes.
Mouth: Very nice thick texture. It’s as fruitier as the nose. Oranges, blood oranges, grapefruits, mangoes, fresh cane, chillies, white pepper, toasted bread. It’s slightly sugary with white chocolate and finishes with some mineral notes.
Finish: Mid-long and warm. liquid caramel, almonds, wet grass, it lasts a bit with a great freshness.

I’m not a huge fan of white rums but this one rocks, good job « les confrères »!

Score: 89

Longueteau Parcellaire La Confrérie du Rhum 2014-2020 (48.6%, cask #44, 389 bottles)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: It’s warmer and more acidulous than the first one. Caramelised pineapples, citruses, exotic fruits, lemon peels, wood, Grany Smith apples and vanilla. It’s quite evolutive, I also have now burnt brown sugar, cappuccino and hints of candle wax.
Mouth: What a pleasure, t’s still fruity! Lemons, oranges, apples, pears, caramel, old wood, vanilla, dried fruits, honey, fresh cane and roasted notes. I can clearly recognize this « hot & spicy » side he hasn’t loss.
Finish: Mid-long and full of freshness. Burnt wood, peppermint, vanilla sugar, butter and fruit paste.

It’s well balanced but I miss that little extra thing…

Score: 86

It’s the first time I have the opportunity to taste the same rum before and after ageing, it was a really nice experience and I want to thanks Benoit for it. Before I taste them I would’ve bet I would prefer the second one but I was wrong. Indeed again a great selection from the CDR, but this one won’t make me forget this amazing Saint James 2003 from last year!

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Longueteau Parcellaire La Confrérie du Rhum 2014
Longueteau Parcellaire La Confrérie du Rhum 2014-2020

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