Velier Caroni Employees 2020

The trio was integrally aged in the tropics for 20, 22 and 24 years, this should be an impressive tasting!

Velier Caroni Nita Hogan 2000-2020 (65.2%, 6 casks, 1247 bottles, tropical aged)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: I can directly feel some kind of sweetness! Vanilla, caramel, pastries, custard cream, buns and some freshness too. With time it becomes fruitier with apricot pies.
Mouth: Powerful without being agressive. It’s fruitier than the nose and very flavourful. Fuel, tyres, yellow ripe fruits, bananas, lemons, mangoes, blackberries, violets, candied fruits, brown sugar and some roasted notes. The wood is present but remains subtle.
Finish: Mid-long. It starts with a mix of fresh mint and peppermint. Honey and cake dough, what a sweet finish!

Very well balanced at all levels, it’s powerful, sweet and fruity, exactly the kind of Caroni I like, good job!

Score: 91

Velier Caroni Ganesh Ramgobie 1998-2020 (67%, 7 casks, 1295 bottles, tropical aged)

Colour: Dark copper.
Nose: I can tell at first nose I won’t like this as much as the previous one. The alcohol is too present and it’s less complex. Fuel, dark oil, rubber and pickles. It’s spicy and roasted. Wood, wood and wood, it’s dominating the nose.
Mouth: The alcohol is less present there. Dark chocolate, caramel, sugar, still a lot of wood and spices. It’s a bit monolithic.
Finish: Long. It’s slightly bitterish. Burnt wood, vanilla, pastries and some herbal notes.

I liked the finish more than the rest but the wood is dominating the whole experience. In french that’s what we call a « jus de bois ».

Score: 83

Velier Caroni Vijay Ranmarine 1996-2020 (64.5%, 4 casks, 766 bottles, tropical aged)

Colour: It’s the darkest of the trio, coffee.
Nose: The alcohol is a bit too present. Exotic fruits, hints of esters which make me think about some jamaicans. Vinegar, lemon peels, ripe pineapples, blood oranges, wood and spices in the background.
Mouth: Astonishingly sweet, warm and astringent in the same time. Brown sugar, oak wood, cinnamon, chilies. It’s nice but could be more complex.
Finish: Long. It’s very sweet again, butter, fresh cream, custard cream and vanilla sugar.

The finish totally contrasts with the nose and the mouth, I love it!

Score: 89

My opinion about this tasting is clear : 2000>1996>1998.
Special mention for the 2000 which was the most surprising. It’s really the kind of Caroni I like, a very complete one, not only a heavy beast.
Thanks Gary for the samples and for giving me the chance to taste these hard-to-catch bottlings.
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