Some Comptoir Irlandais Single Cask

Today I’m gonna try some older Single Cask bottlings bottled for « Le Comptoir Irlandais » and it should finish my first exploration of their work!

Benrinnes 22yo 1996-2019 (56.2%, Signatory Vintage for Le Comptoir Irlandais, Hogshead, cask #11699, 255 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: There are a lot of ripe tropical fruits wrapped in some already powerful candle wax, rose petals, white and yellow peaches, vanilla and also some hints of wood dryness.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily. There are some cinamons, citruses adding some freshness right from the start, mangoes, pinneaples, passion fruits, peaches again, peers, freshly cut apples, rose petals, and a delicious exotic fruits chutney.
Finish: Long. It starts maily with some tropical fruits jam, then arrives some bourbon vanilla notes and a delicious citruses freshness.

This Benrinnes rocks! It’s easy to drink, powerful and perfectly integrated with a very good amout of complexity and balance, well done guys!

Score: 91

Arran 12yo (50%, OB for Le Comptoir Irlandais, Moscatel Casks)

Colour: Light gold.
Nose: It’s quite round with hints of dryness. There are fresh fruits, acacia honey, yeast notes, white pepper and a sublte smoke.
Mouth: The alcohol is well integrated. Chocolate, honey, cookie dough, white pepper and also some hints of iodine.
Finish: Medium. Cooked fruits, malt note and a lot of white pepper.

That’s a fairly honnest daily dram, simple and easy to drink.

Score: 87

Teeling 18yo 2019 « The Renaissance Serie 1 » (46%, OB, Ex-american bourbon & madeira cask finish, 9000 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold.
Nose: Dried fruits, ripe raisins, ripe bananas, nutmeg and raw leather.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not bad and the texture is oily. We have a lot of ripe bananas , dark caramel, chocolate, prunes, dusty books and orange peels.
Finish: Long with a mix of sweetness and spicyness. White pepper, candied orange peels, hints of nuts and raw leather.

A very interesting Irish overall but it lacks a bit of alcohol integration and also a little more fruits like we already found in a lot of those Teelings.

Score: 87

Penderyn 6yo 2013 (60.5%, OB for Le Comptoir Irlandais, Ex-Tawny Port Single Cask, cask #PT266, 724 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper with rose hues.
Nose: It’s powerful. We have some over ripe plums, forest fruits, red and black berries, black pepper, blackcurrants and hints of farmy notes. Very nice!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very thick and oily. There are loads of fruits, forest fruits, blackcurrants, white pepper, citruses, strawberries, raspberries, yeast notes, farmy notes and a lot of moisture and mushrooms too!
Finish: Hopefully the finish is more traditional with those dark fruits and nutmegs with only remainings of the moisture and mushrooms!

What a strange profile we have here. It’s honestly very well rounded, there is not real flaws since it’s powerful, complex and perfectly integrated.
On the other hand the profile full of moisture, mushrooms and fruits is very strange and original, it’s not something I particularly like but it was really interesting to try!

Score: 85

Kavalan 2011-2019 (59.4%, OB for Le Comptoir Irlandais, Port Cask, cask #O111118021A)

Colour: Mahogany.
Nose: It’s very concentrated and dark with dark forest fruits jam, dark chocolate, exotic fruits chutney, caramel and some delication wood dryness.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is very thick. Roasted coffee beans, mild spices, oak, toffee, raisons, caramel, malt and wood dryness.
Finish: Pretty long with a lot of dark chocolate, macerated fruits and still this noble wood dryness presence!

A very powerful and thick dram with a profile and a feeling that remind me of some high ester rums. Very nice!

Score: 90

Edradour 11yo 2009-2020 (55.8%, OB for Le Comptoir Irlandais, Oloroso Sherry Cask, cask #17, 709 bottles)

Colour: Copper.
Nose: A bit agressive with dried fruits, caramel, leather, candied oranges, dusty books, dark chocolate and lot of coffee!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. A lot of bitter dark chocolate, citruses, candied orange zest, waxy notes, walnut, white pepper, vanilla, fudge and even some cinamon!
Finish: Mid-Long and quite spicy too! Tangerines jam, almonds, caramel, fudge, cofee beans and loads of bitter chocolate!

A very nice shery profile giving use some interesting complexity, it’s also very powerful and well integrated, another nice find!

Score: 89

Aberlour 16yo 2003-2019 (55.8%, OB for Le Compoir Irlandais, 3rd Fill American Oak Barrel, cask #17177, 210 bottles)

Colour: Pale gold.
Nose: It’s floral and fresh, fruits jam, apples, fresh and juicy pears and a lot of citruses.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. There are a lot of floral notes, rose petals, freshly cut pears, apple juice, malt, white pepper and hints of citruses on the end of the mouth.
Finish: Long and very clean, there are just loads and loads of citruses and freshness!

This profile is very interesting because there are literaly not woody notes, just a pure and sharp spirit driven dram and that’s probably the first Aberlour of those kind that I try!

Score: 90

Aberlour 17yo 2002-2020 (58.8%, OB for Le Comptoir Irlandais, First fill sherry butt, cask #4405, 570 bottles)

Colour: Light copper.
Nose: Vanilla, caramel, candied orange zest, bitter chocolate and also some hints of vegetal notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good. Here we have some white pepper, fudge, candied orange , caramel, coffee beans, bitter cocoa and also some woody notes.
Finish: Mid-Long. A lot of caramel, orange jam, tangerines, coffee and candied orange.

A good Aberlour where the cask influence is very present, if you’re a fan of sherry bomb, this guy is for you!

Score: 88

One more time I have to say that I am impressed by the quality of their selection even if all those profile are not for me especially. The guys behind the selection seems to be real whisky lovers as we are!

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