The Nectar 15th Anniversary bottlings (Part 2)

Here is the oldest Ardmore ever bottled and I have to say that I’am thrilled to try it! The selection for this 15th anniversary is kind of amazing isn’t it? d I have to say that I’am thrilled to try it!

Ardmore 32yo 1988-2021 (47.2%, Daily Dram, 15 years anniversary)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all, you can stick your nose inside the glass as long as you want! You can definitely feel that it’s an old dram fully integrated. It’s very balanced with a lot of fresh fruits, freshly cut grass notes, candle wax, straw, candied lemon zest, candied tangerines, hints of coffee and caramel, yellow and white peaches, mangoes, passion fruits and pineapples. All the fruits in there are fresh and ripe!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily and thick. It’s starting with a burst of chalk and of those ripe peaches and tropical fruits letting some place then for vegetal notes, floral notes and freshly cut grass. After some time there are no more fruits present and this lovely vegetal and floral notes will starts to mix themselves with some slowly growing and bewitching old noble wood notes. At the very end of the mouth you can detect some slight and hidden fruity notes melted with some chalk.
Finish: Long. Mineral and fruity with tropical fruits, fresh at first and then it’s more of a tropical fruit jam. Then emerges some chalk and noble wood wrapped in some delicate waxy notes that will lingers for some more time.

What an outstanding dram! I’m impressed by this flawless prestation, everything is powerful, perfectly integrated, balanced and complex. While you drink this dram there are no doubts that you’re drinking something old and raw!
Very nice!

Score: 91

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