A little Cognac duo!

Today I’m going to try those two 30yo-ish french spirits, one has been bottled in France and the other one in Scotland!

Jean-Luc Pasquet « Le Cognac de Christian L.88 » (54.1%, OB, Petite Champagne, 303 bottles, 2019)

Colour: Deep gold with copper hues.
Nose: The alcohol is present and quite disturbing. Preserved fruits salad, floral honey, yellow and white peaches, green bananas, plums jam and apricots jam.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not very good but the texture is quite oily. It’s powerful and hot. There are still a lot of fruits in there with a lot of freshly cut white and yellow peaches, pine wood freshness and hints of liquorice candies.
Finish: Long but still with a lot of alcoholic notes. preserved yellow peaches, acacia honey, cinnamon, white pepper and some more liquorice candies.

I like the profile but those omnipresent alcoholic notes and hotness is just too much to go higher in my notes.

Score: 87

Brandy 27 yo 1993-2020 (52.3%, Thompson Brothers, 409 bottles)

Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all so I’m pretty thrilled! The profile is quite monolithic and very powerful with a lot of bitter dark chocolate, ristretto, roasted coffee beans, noble wood and also some notes of old cigar box.
Mouth: Well well well, what a shame, the alcohol integration is not very good too but the texture is thick. Mineral and earthy notes, ripe peaches, acacia honey, old and dusty cigar box and also some noble wood notes gently wrapping everything.
Finish: Long. More in the spirit of the nose with dark chocolate, old cigar box and a lot of noble wood giving us its dryness. The alcoholic notes are also present is the finish with lingering alcohol hotness being prevalent.

I hoped that after smelling that wonderful nose the alcohol integration will be better on this one, but it’s not. The profile is less complex and more « In your face » but it’s still quite good.

Score: 86

I have to admit that it is two good spirits but the lack of alcohol integration really kills them in my opinion and even if the profiles are interesting, I’m not really enjoying those as much as I could have with a perfect alcohol integration.

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