Some young peaters!

Today I’m going to try two recent young peated release by The Whisky Jury and by young I mean that one of them is just 1 day old! (Well 3yo + 1day to be accurate)

Caol Ila 3yo 2018-2021 « 1 Day Old » (52.1%, The Whisky Jury, 1st Fill Quarter Cask, cask #twj-Ci03, 152 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: No alcohol presence. I would have said that it’s way older than it is just by putting my nose in the glass. There is a nice citruses burst, a lot of freshly cut lemons, some coastal notes also, aerial and gentle peat, sea salt, white pepper, cold ashes, bonfire on the beach, iodine, charcoal and some delicate sweetness added by candied lemon zest notes.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily. There is a lot of lemons and cold ashes of course but also some sea salt, smoked mackerel, coastal and aerial peat, iodine, sea weed, candied lemon zest, vanilla and in the end of the mouth, a delicate smoke with hints of tar. It’s quite complex for a young malt like this!
Finish: Quite long. There are less lemons and way more tarry and earthy notes, ashes, wood smoke, sweet and coastal peat, iodine and medicinal notes. The lingering feeling at the end of the finish is a mix of lemon sweetness & freshness and some smoke dryness.

I have to say that it’s freaking good for a so young dram, a wonderful profile with even some complexity and a perfect alcohol integration which is really impressive for a 3yo whisky.

Score: 88

Williamson 2010-2020 (52.2%, The Whisky Jury, Refill Barell, cask #twj-Lph01, 230 bottles)

Colour: Light gold with some even lighter hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence. A lot of smoke and medicinal notes, iodine, sea salt, brine, a delicate coastal and smoky peat, white fresh fruits, raw leather, earthy notes, straw and even hints of farmy peat!
Mouth: One more time, the alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily! It’s very coastal again with sea weed, iodine, farmy peat notes, sea salt, smoked mackerel on a barbecue, hints of candied lemon zest, sesame oil, liquorice, brine and green olives.
Finish: Long. No more roundness in there, it’s raw and dry, even a bit austere and that’s very good! A lot of earthy notes, farmy peat, raw leather, liquorice, hints of lemons, brine and some more wood smoke.

It’s obviously a tea-spooned Laphroaig that we have here. This bottling is very interesting because of its evolutive nature. The nose is very welcoming and round, the mouth is full of sweetness and more austere notes on a perfect balance level and the finish is raw and austere. Very nice young Laphroaig with some very interesting complexity!

Score: 89

We have here two young (even very young for the CI) peated whisky with no flaws, some power, a perfect alcohol integration and even some originality and complexity in the profile, what could we ask more?
Two perfect daily dram, too bad that there are no more bottles left of these beauties

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