Yet another crazy live!

For this second part of our Other spirits Live tasting session in duo with my brother we tasted 252 years of history and it was crazy!

Glenburgie 27yo 1992-2019 (48.9%, Cadenhead, Bourbon Hogshead, 222 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all, it’s very fragrant. Heather honey, candle wax, tropical fruits jam, yellow fruits, apricots, juicy white peaches, grapefruit, vanilla, grassy notes, hints of wood notes. Very nice power and balance, it’s very well integrated and you know that it’s an old dram.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very thick and oily. It’s very complex and evolutive. It’s starting with a fruit burst, juicy yellow fruits, white and yellow peaches, mangoes, passion fruits, candle wax and heather honey. It quickly becomes more balanced with chalk and mineral notes arriving, more wax too. After this the fruity notes fades a bit and the end of the mouth is mainly dominated by chalk, mineral notes and waxy notes.
The profile is perfectly integrated and every notes seems to be melted with others.
Finish: Long. Veil of smoke, heather honey, woody astringent notes, hints of tropical fruits, mineral notes and candle wax.

This dram is just fantastic on every aspect, a wonderful multi-layered Glenburgie with some kind of old school profile and a very honest price furthermore!

Score: 92 (Antoine : 90)

Aurian 1979-2020 (49.6%, OB for Wu Dram Clan, Armagnac, 144 bottles)

Colour: Ebony with ruby hues.
Nose: Is it a blend of Guyana & Caroni? This is quite impressive! Demerara sugar, solvents, liquorice, coffee beans, petrol notes, tar and rubber, hints of wood smoke and burnt tires. (Pirelli P-Zero of course)
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfectly integrated. A lot of citruses with a delicate freshness. Gasoline, tires, rubber, roasted coffee beans, plums, prunes, raisins and dark caramel. The mouth finishes in some deep pine wood freshness. Everything is quite evolutive and very nice!
Finish: Very long. A lot of pine wood freshness and citruses too!

A wonderful woody and fresh dram with a lot of craziness. I’m pretty sure that it would be hard to find what it is if tasted blind.

Score: 89 (Antoine : 89)

Aurian 1966-2020 (53%, OB for Wu Dram Clan, Armagnac)

Colour: Mahogany with coppery hues.
Nose: Pine wood, pine cones, herbal notes, forest fruits, citruses, pine sap, dark caramel, lemons, eucalyptus, nutmeg, candied orange zest and caramelized almonds. It’s very fresh!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very oily. It’s very powerful flavour wise. Pine wood, bitter cocoa, oak wood and a lot of fruitiness with plums, apricots, prunes and fresh grapes and even hints of grape pomace.
Finish: Long. Bitter cocoa, austere and dry woody notes from different essences. It’s very nice

This is very impressive, I likes that powerful and integrated fruity profile and the fact that you can feel kind of different shades of wood essence in the finish, it’s very sharp and powerful.

Score: 91 (Antoine : 90)

Borderies N°78/85 (60.6%, Jean Grosperrin, Cognac, lot E42 260620, from the cask, 2020)

Colour: Deep gold with auburn hues.
Nose: Wow, you can definitely feel the 60% here. This isn’t announcing any subtlety for sure. It’s very fruity, tropical fruits, mangoes, pineapples, acidulous passion fruits, white and yellow fresh fruits, hints of floral honey, rubbery notes and hints of wood. It’s quite nice but a bit shy overall.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not very good but it’s not that much of a problem in this profile in my opinion. You can easily taste you’re drinking a 60% dram. It’s a very fruity and simple profile. Solvents, alcohol, dark fruits, blueberries, red berries, blackcurrants, leather, old dusty books, hints of oak wood.
Finish: Mid-long. Solvents, alcohol, dark fruits, blueberries and yellow fruits.

The main problem here is the alcohol integration which is clearly lacking, besides that it’s fairly good but qui simple and monolithic compared to everything it faces today.
Still a very good fruity daily dram!
And by the way, yeah the image is a placeholder since this is kind of a cask sample.

Score: 85 (Antoine : 84)

Dartigalongue 1993 « Folle Blanche » (46.3%, OB, bas-armagnac, ~2020)

Colour: Amber.
Nose: No alcohol presence. The flavours are powerful this time and the profile seems fresh and fruity. Noble wood notes, pine wood freshness, citruses, bitter grapefruit, candied orange zest, leather, caramel, toffee, floral honey, nutmeg, almonds, cinnamon and anise stars. Everything is round, gentle and balanced.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very liquid which is a bit of a shame. With time, the texture seems to become a bit more oily. That watery starting mouth is quite strange and not very pleasant, everything seems round and flat. At the end of the mouth the concentration on the palate seems back to normal with spices, caramel, nutmeg and caramelized almonds.
Finish: Mid-long. There are alcohol notes present in the finish which is quite unpleasant. Floral honey, spices, dark caramel, noble wood notes and dried fruits.

The nose was very promising but the watery mouth and alcohol peek in the finish definitely kills it in my opinion. Still a very good bas-armagnac but there are too many important flaws for me.

Score: 86 (Antoine : 85)

Vallein Tercinier 53yo 1967-2020 (47%, OB for Wu Dram Clan, Grande Champagne)

Colour: Deep amber.
Nose: It’s powerful and fruity without any alcohol presence detected! Slightly acidulous passion fruits, fresh pineapples, ripe mangoes, hints of briny notes and woody notes, floral notes, guava and a lot of mineral and waxy notes. The complexity is there!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very thick. Mentholated freshness at first with hints of pine wood, transitioning slowly to leather, rubber, rancio, bitter grapes, floral notes, orange zest. The end of the mouth is full of blackcurrants blueberries, red berries and pine wood adding a delicate freshness to the mix.
Finish: Long. Bitter chocolate, tar, citruses, blood oranges, floral notes and lot of pine wood freshness.

That’s a wonderful spirit, a perfect balance of bitterness, roundness and freshness.
It’s like taking a wonderful walk into the forest with all those pines everywhere, forest fruits, floral and herbal notes. This is clearly the best out of our Cognacs set, this one is just full of power, balance and integration.

Score: 91 (Antoine : 90)

Thanks you guys to come and chat with us, it was perfect, see you every Sunday 9pm for another Live Tasting!

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