Some Laphroaig OB’s

I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have already tried that Laphroaig 10yo that you can find anywhere, so let’s review this dram with some other OB’s from that great distillery!

Laphroaig 10yo « ~2018 » (40%, OB)

Colour: Gold.
Nose: Brine, sea salt, iodine and aerial peat.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is a bit liquid but not that much considering the reduction. It’s powerful even with the reduction. Fatty peat, wood smoke, campfire on the beach, cold ashes and hints of medicinal notes.
Finish: Medium. Peat, wood smoke and cold ashes all over the place.

This one is clearly a really nice and cheap daily dram. It’s really monolithic but also very good and easy to drink.

In stock nearly everywhere.

Score: 88

Laphroaig 15yo Cairdeas « 2019 Edition » (43%, OB, 1st Fill Ex-Bourbon Casks)

Colour: Gold with copper hues.
Nose: A bit shy to say the least. It’s fresh and smoky, and flat.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is good but the texture is very liquid and it’s always less powerful than the last one. It’s less peaty, less coastal too, here the profile is more fresh with citruses and lemons. The peat is still present in the background with some touches of iodine and smoke but it’s really shy.
Finish: Medium. It’s spicy and fresh but still very shy. White pepper, lemons, citruses and hints of cold ashes.

I’m clearly disappointed by this one. It’s still good but way less than the last one which costs only 40 euros max.

Still in stock in some shops.

Score: 85

Laphroaig 10yo Cask Strengh « Batch 12 – 2020 » (60.1%, OB, Bourbon Cask)

Colour: Copper with lighter hues.
Nose: Shy at first, it slowly evolves and reveals itself. Brine, seaweed, sea salt, iodine, sherry markers, wood smoke and hints of candied orange peel.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. Delicate and aerial peat, iodine, wood smoke, campfire on the beach, noble wood, cold ashes, charcoal and hints of medicinal notes. At the end of the mouth the peat is less aerial and more fatty.
Finish: Long. In perfect harmony with the mouth.

Here we are, finally a Cask Strength version! These are released once by year and this is the batch 12 from 2020. It’s simple and monolithic but very effective and easy to drink. A perfect daily dram, in a cask strength version for an honest price and quite easy to score once it’s released given the quantity.

Quite hard to get as of now, but don’t forget that there is a yearly release of a new batch!

Score: 90

Those 10yo’s are some safe picks. From the 40% one that is just a perfect super cheap daily dram to the CS version which is juste a perfect still cheap and powerful daily dram! Maybe I should try a last one…

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