It seems I’m not from the clan

Here I am, embracing the meme joke from a friend and trying this dram that most of us have started in the whisky world with!

Clan Campbell The Noble (40%)

Colour: Clear gold.
Nose: No alcohol presence at all. Well there are nearly nothing present at all, it’s super shy and watery. Hints of malt and grain but that’s it.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect. It’s like drinking infused water, literally. The texture is, yeah you got it, very liquid, as water. Hints of malt, grain notes, smoked wood and honey.
Finish: Very short, grainy notes but it’s very flat.

Do you like infused water? This one is pretty good and original, oh wait it’s whisky, my bad. I can’t tell it’s bad or disgusting. It’s just really shy and flat.
At least I have to be honest, it is very easy to drink and should be enjoyed as a first step into the whisky world. (Mainly because it’s quite round and easy to drink)

It seems that there are limitless stock of those, so still on stock everywhere!

Score: 75

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