Some frogs from Caol Ila

I already found some pearl among those frogs in the past so let’s try some young Caol Ila from the Belgian bottler Asta Morris and see what’s going to happen!

Caol ila 8yo 2011-2019 (59.4%, Asta Morris, Fresh Bourbon, cask #AM059, 262 bottles)

Colour: Straw.
Nose: No alcohol presence and that’s very appreciable for a young cask strength bottling! It’s creamy and well integrated. Delicate smoke and lemony notes dancing together. Aerial peat, coastal peat, brine and iodine.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is very thick, well done! Aerial peat at start slowly fading away while a nice lemony smoke rises with some candied lemon peels. There are also some shy citruses and barley notes in the background.
Finish: Long. In perfect harmony with mouth at start but it evolves rapidly into campfire notes, wood smoke, anise stars, dry wood and cold ashes.

That’s a very good Caol Ila, it’s just perfect as a daily dram! Of course the complexity could have been better but it’s already perfectly balanced, powerful and integrated. Let’s not forget it’s an 8yo whisky at a fairly honest price tag. (85 euros)
Out of stock obviously, what a shame!

Score: 89

Caol ila 7yo 2012-2020 (60.0%, Asta Morris, Sherry Butt, cask #AM127, 524 bottles)

Colour: Deep gold with copper hues.
Nose: No alcohol presence. Leather, tannins, old library full of dusty books, raisins, candied orange peels, bitter chocolate and of course aerial and coastal peat with some delicate citruses notes in the background.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is perfect and the texture is oily. Heavy peat, raisins, leather, candied orange peels, dusty books ans hints of smoky meat. It’s simple but effective. (And very intense!)
Finish: Long. Heavy peat at first and then cold ashes, candied oranges and leather. After some time, only the peat persists.

A very nice peated sherry profile. The peat is strong and heavy in there so be sure you like those kind of profiles before you get a bottle. It’s highly quaffable too.
Still some bottles avalaible if you look closely!

Score: 88

Two different styles and also two success. I personally preferred the first profile but it’s just a matter of personal preference. Those young Caol Ila from serious independent bottlers tends to be some safe picks. Good job for this solid selection one more time Bert!

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