My first Daftmill’s!

I wanted to try some Daftmill for a long time now but it’s really hard to catch bottles or samples of those. So here I am with two interesting dram from this little distillery from the Lowlands!

Daftmill 12yo 2007-2019 (46%, OB, 7 First-fill Bourbon Barrels, cask #047-053/2007, 1690 bottles)

Colour: White wine.
Nose: Fruits, straw, grassy notes, vanilla, floral notes. That’s a bit shy but still good.
Mouth: The alcohol integration is not bad and the texture is a bit liquid. Yellow and white fruits marmalade, floral notes, honey, straw, vanilla, mineral notes, salt and iodine
Finish: Medium. Citruses, grassy notes, melted fruits.

That’s clearly not very complex but that’s a very classy daily dram! I like that kind of profile, the grassy and floral notes reminds me of some good Littlemill’s.

Score: 88

Daftmill 11yo 2009-2020 (60.6%, OB for LMDW, 1st Fill Oloroso Sherry Butt, cask #028/2009, 649 bottles)

Colour: Deep copper with mahogany hues!
Nose: A sherry from the swamp in the profile! The alcohol is nearly absent from the nose. Nutmeg, mushroom, wet wood, leather, dusty library, mentholated freshness, tropical fruits, fresh pineapples, passion fruits adding some acidity to the mix!
Mouth: The alcohol integration is very good and the texture is oily. It’s powerful and balanced! Ripe tropical fruits, pineapples, passion fruits without the acidity this time. Dusty library, old wood, leather, old cigar box, waxy notes and cinnamon. It’s a dry, spicy and complex sherry.
Finish: Very long. Dry sherry markers, nutmeg, old cigar box, dusty books, leather and hints of tropical fruits in the background.

This multi-layered profile is just wonderful. If tasted blind I would have say it’s an old and complex sherry! This was my first Daftmill single cask and I can’t wait to try more now!

Score: 91

I’am very happy to finally taste those Daftmill’s. I like their mindset and it delivers some very good drams. The 2009 was just stunning and seemed way older than what it is in reality. What a shame it’s so hard to get your hands on those at the release price, damn flippers!

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